Coral Springs Resident Finds Plenty of Fish In Our Waters

Coral Springs Resident Finds Plenty of Fish In Our Waters

Daniel Plunske holds a Snakehead fish which is the only fish he does not release back into the water. Snakeheads are invasive and can wreak havoc on native fish.

You don’t have to go far if you want to find great fishing in Coral Springs.  Daniel Plunske finds plenty of them right outside of his home in Cypress Run.

Plunske,19, a graduate of Coral Glades High School who currently attends Broward College is always on the hunt for the “perfect spot.”  He always practices catch and release and says the most important trick to catching great fish is patience.

Coral Springs Resident Finds Plenty of Fish In Our Waters

Plunske holding a Bass Fish caught in Coral Springs.

“You wont catch fish every day, even I still have shutouts every now and then. The weather is another very important factor. Early mornings prove to be the best time to fish for me, also when it rains before and after are great times to throw a couple casts out.”

There are fish in all the waterways. His favorite area is any body of water along Coral Ridge Drive or Sample Road where he has caught many big bass and says it’s always populated with hungry fish.

Plunske said many fish are triggered into biting in different ways.  What works in one area of water may not work in another.

He advises that live shiners (bait) will work just about anywhere, and will catch large bass.   He also likes using trick worms made by ZOOM and Gary Yamamoto which he finds at Walmart.

My personal favorite are using topwater baits like plastic frogs, lizards, and poppers which work very well in almost all urban canals. Watching the fish strike the bait on top of the water just makes my heart skip a beat every time!

Coral Springs Resident Finds Plenty of Fish In Our Waters

Bass Fish before it's released back into the water

He suggests casting parallel to the bank where fish hide in the weeds and wait to ambush any smaller fish coming by.  Broken branches and any type of structure in the water usually house fish, and casting around those areas will guarantee strikes.

“Lilly pads are bass’s best friends and usually what I look for when fishing.”

Plunske also enjoys photography, and with his love of outdoors, he finds himself running into many open habitats of alligators, endangered birds, hawks, eagles, foxes and bobcats.

“I constantly find myself running into their natural habitat which many people don’t get to see which made me go out and purchase a high end camera to capture (them).”

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