Coral Springs Business Plan Includes Everglades Greenway Loop, Nature Trail, Fitness Park

Coral Springs Business Plan Includes Everglades Greenway Loop, Nature Trail, Fitness Park

Sawgrass Trailhead at Atlantic Boulevard. {Sharon Aron Baron}

By Bryan Boggiano

The city commission passed the proposed 2023 Fiscal Year Business Plan at their Wednesday, July 27 meeting, which included plans for Aquatic Center Renovations, a fitness area at Riverside Park, and an Everglades Greenway Loop.

City staff devised the plan following resident input from the City Business Plan I Workshop on June 22 and prior workshops.

The city plans to request $5.3 million in legislative action plan funds. Just under half of these funds would be used for Coral Springs Charter School renovations and repairs, public works security upgrades, and the Everglades Greenway Loop.

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According to the business plan, the city will request $800,000 for each initiative.

The Everglades Greenway Loop, costing $2 million, will utilize a ten-mile trail that will serve as a multi-use space to improve walkability and safe bike riding.

The trail will also include restrooms, shade structures, and bike stations along the entirety of the city’s western border.

The city will research development plans and identify key stakeholders in the upcoming fiscal year.

The city plans to request $500,000 in state funding to create a nature trail preserve through the hammock at Kiwanis Park. The elevated wooden path will not disrupt any native vegetation. It will be constructed with all-natural materials and offer outdoor space for youth programming and activities.

Using ARPA funding, the city plans to renovate the Aquatic Center Pool Deck at the cost of $1.9 million; however,  a date when the project will start has not been announced. Since opening in 1990, the city has added new pools and expanded certain areas. Based on a recent study, the city determined that the upper and lower decks will need to be replaced.

Using $700,000 in ARPA funds, the city also outlined constructing a new fitness area at Riverside Park. According to Lynne Martzall, director of communications and marketing, the park’s renovations will include a walking path with fitness machines, QR fit stations, misting stations, a fitness obstacle course, two social spaces, and group fitness areas.

The park would also include two sprint hills that are 30 feet and 20 feet tall, respectively.

The city projects that construction will start in Spring 2023 and continue through Fall 2023.

City Commissioner Shawn Cerra moved to approve the business plan, which Commissioner Joy Carter seconded. It passed unanimously.

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Coral Springs Business Plan Includes Everglades Greenway Loop, Nature Trail, Fitness Park

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