Commissioner Gets Cropped Out Of “Parkland Today”

Photo Courtesy City of Parkland

Photo Courtesy

By: Sharon Aron Baron

There’s some funny business going on in Parkland. It seems as if you are one particular commissioner; you don’t exist according to one hometown publication.

At Parkland Today, “Parkland’s original online magazine,” owner Nancy Robeson,  former candidate for city commission, will not post, share or cover news if it has anything to do with her former rival Commissioner Christine Hunschofsky, whom she ran against in 2013. Hunschofsky easily won the election with over 84 percent of the vote, which had to have hurt, but as a reporter, you have to take your personal feelings out of what you write and cover your beat.

She doesn’t.

Her Parkland coverage includes Mayor Michael Udine, Vice Mayor Mark Weissman, Deputy Vice Mayor David Rosenof, and Commissioner Stacy Kagan. But it’s the omission of Hunschofsky from Parkland Today that illustrates Robeson’s strong contempt. In fact, a source sent me a photo from the page where she cropped Hunschofsky out (see below). This was a photo that was shot by a city photographer that didn’t even belong to her.


Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce

My take: if you’re going to give your Facebook page the name of the city, then cover city politics and events, and cover everyone fairly. Otherwise, post it on your own timeline. You do your readers an injustice by omitting your representatives due to your pettiness.

Original Photo by the City

Original Photo by the City of Parkland

Original Photo by the City of Parkland

Cropped Photo Missing  Christine Hunschofsky

Commissioner Christine Hunschofsky cropped out.

Commissioner Christine Hunschofsky cropped out.

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