Commissioner Joshua Simmons: ‘Let’s Rise Above Division’

Commissioner Joshua Simmons Joshua Simmons

By: Commissioner Joshua Simmons

I hope you all have made the transition from the doldrums of summer to the fall schedule routines. Many of you help your kids adjust to another round of distance learning, which I’m sure will be coming to an end soon.

I wanted to take a moment to talk to you all. One of the proudest moments of my life was being sworn in as your Commissioner, and I truly enjoyed meeting so many of you during my campaign.

I went out of my way to speak to residents regardless of party affiliation and political ideology. I understood that most would assume my political party affiliation. Still, I also thought it important to show that my affiliation had nothing to do with who I was as a person and my willingness to serve all Coral Springs residents.

I have engaged in plenty of discussions where the participant and I didn’t agree on a particular policy position, but we agreed to disagree and parted ways amicably. I believed it important to show that political discourse could be had between people with different views.

Do I have my own beliefs? Yes. I support political candidates that you may not support. Even in our upcoming city elections, I chose to endorse Nancy Metayer. The point I want to make to you all is that we are nearing a very contentious presidential election this November, and I want us to be better than what we’ve seen in the media.

I am asking you to be better than all the strife we see daily on the news. Politics should not result in violence. Violence and support of a political candidate should not go hand in hand. We do not have to resort to cyberbullying and disparaging remarks. Let’s be different, Coral Springs. Let’s rise above the division. Let’s stick to policy points and stay away from harmful arguments.

Our kids go to school together. We dine at the same restaurants—we workout at the same parks. We live next door to each other. We attend the same events at the Grand Lawn in front of City Hall.

We all call Coral Springs home. When the election is over, this will still be our home.

If you want to speak to me, give me a call at 954-871-1314 or reach out on Facebook, Instagram (@SimmonsinSprings), or Twitter.
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