Coral Springs Charter Administration Gives COVID-19 Updates

Coral Springs Charter School

Coral Springs Charter School

By Bryan Boggiano

As the Omicron variant continues spreading throughout the city, Gary Springer, principal of Coral Springs Charter School, provided updates to the Charter School Board of Directors.

The Coral Springs City Commission serves as the governing board of Coral Springs Charter School which consists of Chair Shawn Cerra, Vice-Chair Joshua Simmons, Scott Brook, Joy Carter, and Nancy Metayer.

Springer discussed the school report with the board at Wednesday’s meeting before their adoption. The report outlines updates, events, and other timely information related to the school.

According to Springer, the school has appointed a staff member to track COVID cases on campus to keep the community safe, healthy, and informed.

There are currently 53 COVID-positive school students. Six of those students who tested positive were on campus this week, while the other 47 tested positive over winter break. Of the 53 students, 30 will return to school by Jan. 10.

Additionally, there is one staff member out on quarantine.

Springer said that the infection rate at the school is relatively low, considering that there are more than 1,600 students enrolled. Still, students and staff continue to take precautions.

Before winter break, about 50 percent of students wore masks. After the break, he estimates that the number of students wearing masks is now close to 75 percent. While students may choose to wear masks, they are mandatory for teachers and staff, with few exceptions.

According to Director of Board Governance Rita Weaver, although the city changed its policy about masks in city properties, the governing board follows the school board policy for children and adults, while staff follow the Charter Schools USA policy.

The board unanimously approved the school’s report.

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