Coral Springs Man Arrested for Battery on a Person Over 65


Robert Peckham

By Ryan Yousefi

An alcohol-fueled domestic battery incident in Coral Springs ended with one person suffering head wounds and another in police custody. 

Robert Peckham, 36, of Coral Springs, was arrested on June 6 for battery on a person over 65 at the 8500 block of NW 35th court.

The Coral Springs Police Department received a domestic battery call at 8:42 p.m., reporting an assault had taken place. Upon arrival, officers encountered a female outside the residence who stated Peckham was intoxicated and had assaulted someone inside.

According to her, she and Peckham had been arguing, and he soon became violent. She retreated to a bedroom, hoping to escape further confrontation with Peckham, where the victim – a man over 65 — was playing a game on his cellphone in another room.

Peckham entered the victim’s room, and mistakenly believed he was filming the dispute between himself and the female on his cellphone. Peckham punched the victim in the face, and a physical altercation ensued.

The female jumped on Peckham’s back to stop the assault, but he pushed her off. She left the room to call CSPD.

During the interview, the victim provided additional details to officers. He said he was playing a game on his cellphone when Peckham and the female entered his room arguing. He stated Peckham shook his shoulders, prompting him to punch him.

After a more intense physical altercation ensued, the female attempted to intervene.

Officers observed a contusion on the victim’s head, but he refused medical care.

Peckham was placed under arrest and transported to CSPD for booking, where he was later transferred to the Broward County jail.

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Ryan Yousefi

Ryan Yousefi
Ryan Yousefi has lived in Coral Springs for over 30 years. He has worked as a writer for multiples outlets over the years, including the Miami New Times where he has covered sports and culture since 2013. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Business Healthcare Management from Western Governors University.

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