Coral Springs Man Bitten by Python Lurking in the Toilet

Ball Python (courtesy Pixabay)

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A python bit a Coral Springs resident after he discovered it in his bathroom early Sunday morning.

According to Officer Chris Swinson, the Coral Springs Humane Unit was called around 4 a.m. to 2651 Riverside Drive after a resident attempted to remove a python that was either trying to exit or enter his toilet around 4 a.m.

The snake, measuring three feet long, was later identified as a nonvenomous Ball Python and was caught and taken to a reptile center.

The resident was treated and released after being bitten.

Swinson said he had never heard of any incidents with snakes in toilets in the city and said the python could have belonged to former tenants and somehow got loose seeking refuge in the plumbing system.

“It’s everybody’s worst nightmare,” said Swinson, “but it’s in an apartment plumbing system, so there are many possibilities.”

Since press time, the address has been corrected per Coral Springs Police.

Sharon Aron Baron


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