After Drinking on his Birthday Coral Springs Man Chokes Fiancee

chokes fiancee

Carlos Pineda

By Hank McCoy

A Coral Springs man’s birthday celebration turned violent after choking his fiancee with both hands.

On June 21, Carlos Orozco Pineda, age 45, of Coral Springs, arrested for battery after his fiancee said Pineda followed her into their bathroom, shoved her to the ground and choked her after coming home from work and drinking in celebration of his birthday.

According to the police report, the fiancee was texting with a family member when Pineda became enraged. She went to the bathroom to put space between them, but he followed her and shoved her, causing her to fall and hit her upper back against the side of the tub, causing an abrasion.

Pineda then allegedly climbed on top of her and began to choke her with both hands, however, she was able to breathe enough to scream for help. Pineda immediately let her go, leaving the residence when she called the police.

Coral Springs Police arrived at the 800 block of Twin Lakes Drive, where they checked the area for Pineda, but couldn’t find him. Officers attempted to contact him by telephone multiple times, but all calls went right to voicemail. 

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The fiancee told police Pineda left his keys at the residence, so officers advised her to lock the door, and if he returned, don’t answer, and contact Coral Springs Police. 

She refused medical treatment, however, was willing to provide a sworn statement and photographs of the red abrasion on her upper back from falling. Officers issued her Victim Rights information and a case number.

Pineda was later apprehended at 8:38 a.m. without incident. 

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