Coral Springs Neighborhood On Alert After Vehicle Break-In


By Jill Fox

Residents in the Wood Lake community reported suspicious activity in the early morning hours of December 16.

At the 11500 block of NW 40 Court in Coral Springs, a male was caught on camera looking around the property around 3 a.m.

Resident Carla Broneck said when her husband woke up for work, he noticed his drill box lying in the front yard. As he approached his truck, he saw the vehicle had been ransacked. Someone had gone through the glove compartment and center console, stealing around $20.  There was no reported glass breakage or damage to the vehicle when the suspected entered.

“They took a pair of glasses and minor things,” said Broneck, whose biggest concern was the men peering through the windows of their home.

The incident was reported to Coral Springs Police.

“My problem is that they were looking through the windows and doors of the house with no concern for cameras or floodlights. I’m still shaking from seeing the video,” she said.

Coral Springs Neighborhood On Alert After Suspicious Incident

Image from Ring camera on Thursday morning {Photo courtesy Carla Broneck}

Coral Springs Neighborhood On Alert After Suspicious Incident

Image from a neighbor’s Ring camera on Thursday morning. {Photo courtesy Carla Broneck}

Later that morning, another neighbor posted photos of the same man on NextDoor.  According to Broneck, police told her three or four males were involved.

If anyone has more information, call 954-227-2677 or email

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