Hair Cuttery Files Bankruptcy: Closes 3 Coral Springs Locations

Hair Cuttery

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By Hank McCoy

The largest family-owned salon chain, Hair Cuttery, has filed bankruptcy resulting in the closure of three out of four of its Coral Springs locations.

The grooming industry giant, prior to the pandemic, had more than 750 company-owned locations nationally. Since filing for bankruptcy, the chain had been purchased by Tacit Salon Holdings, however, the closures continued. 

Locations in the Lakeview Shopping Center, Royal Eagle, and the Sawgrass Center have closed permanently.

Only the Maplewood location by the Coral Square Mall will remain open, according to Tyler Monroe, one of the stylists at the Lakeview location.

Hair Cuttery owes $3 million in back wages, bonuses, and other benefits that were withheld from Hair Cuttery employees.

Monroe explained that Hair Cuttery told employees they couldn’t afford to give them their last paychecks, which included paid time off. After a month, they were finally paid, however, paid time off wasn’t included.

“They have a class-action lawsuit against them from stylists,” he said.

Furloughed by the company, Monroe hasn’t found a new salon to work at this time.

They told us they would find us a new home, but realistically not everyone will come back.  About 20 stylists alone just in Coral Springs will be looking for new salons,” he said.

Hair Cuttery has attempted to renegotiate their leases with landlords according to Monroe, however, the 300 or so stores that have closed so far, were not able to come to an agreement with the landlords of those locations.

My store, Lakeview, owed over $10,000 in rent. The landlords didn’t want to work a deal out with them to make the rent lower going forward.”      

With the county in the process of reopening the economy, residents are eager to make appointments with their stylists and get back to living their lives. Unfortunately for many, they will be looking for new stylists/barbers.

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