Man Alleges He Was Thrown Out of Business Over Trump Comment

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By: Sharon Aron Baron

A customer is accusing an employee at an electronic cigarette store of battery after he was kicked out after making derogatory statements about President Trump.

On June 24 at 10:30 a.m., Jeffrey Glass was waiting for assistance at the Vapor Tech USA store on 8005 W. Sample Road in Coral Springs. During this time, he was watching the television located inside of the store while employee John Randazzo, 68, was discussing President Trump with another customer.

According to Glass, he said out loud, “Trump is a moron that we need to get rid of.” It was then, he alleges, that Randazzo became verbally abusive, walked around the counter, picked Glass up off his feet and physically threw him out of the store, forcing him to land on his elbow and knee.

Glass, 61, a freelance website designer from Tamarac had been a customer of the store for almost two years.

“He picked me up and threw me, and you can’t do that,” said Glass. “Now I’m scared to utter anything, anywhere because of what’s happening. It’s the Trump people that are inciting this kind of violence. It’s unbelievable.”

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Police spoke to employee Randazzo at Vapor Tech USA and his version was different.

Randazzo said that he was assisting another customer and having a political conversation with them, when Glass began to give his opinion in the matter. He said that Glass then began to get extremely irate and began to yell and curse. Randazzo said he asked Glass to leave the store, in which he refused. He then told police that Glass began to grab items on the counter and throw them. Randazzo then came around from behind the counter, grabbed Glass by both arms and physically remove him from the store.

A female customer who was in the store at the time of the incident named Debra, corroborated with Randazzo’s story.

Glass disagreed with his version and said that Debra was friends with him and they were both Trump supporters.

“After I said “Trump was a moron that we need to get rid of” under my breath, he literally lunged at me. He disputed Randazzo’s version that he was the one who yelled and cursed.

“It was Randazzo telling me to ‘Get the fuck out of my store’ and it wasn’t even his store.”

Glass said he did not throw anything. “Things may have been knocked off, but I didn’t intentionally knock anything off,” he said.

Glass said he wanted to prosecute. When Coral Springs Police advised him regarding misdemeanor filing procedures, he became very upset and said, “That’s why this country is going to hell.”

Randazzo disagrees with Glass’s version of the incident and insisted that Glass was the one that was out of control. He said that he did not throw Glass out – he led him out of the door and that if Glass did prosecute, he would retain an attorney and sue him for slander.

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