Coral Springs Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Fiancee With a Butcher Knife


Edward Lee Beasley

By Isaac Ray

After threatening to kill his girlfriend with a knife, police arrested a Coral Springs man for domestic battery with a deadly weapon. 

On April 22, the Coral Springs Police Department responded to a call at the 2800 block of Riverside Drive where witnesses said a man, later identified as Edward Lee Beasley, 31, was inside a home threatening people with a knife and destroying property.

Beasley’s fiance told police he chased her out of the home with a butcher knife and threatened to kill her. She also said he was still inside the home, where she last saw him stabbing pillows.

The report said officers had responded to a domestic dispute call from the same residence just a few hours prior. Officers witnessed Beasley ripping a television off a wall then punching another one. During that visit, officers advised Beasley’s fiancee to leave and take her child to school so they could attempt to calm him down. 

During the first visit, they had advised the victim not to return to the home until Beasley had moved out as planned, but she didn’t take their advice. Instead, the victim returned home after dropping off the child at school and soon after heard a banging at the door.

The victim stated that before she could answer, Beasley kicked in the door and rushed inside, demanding his pocket knife. The victim told officers she had hidden his knife earlier in the day but told him she did not know where it was out of fear he would threaten her with it. 

The report said after unsuccessfully searching for his pocket knife, Beasley grabbed a butcher’s knife from the kitchen and began cutting and stabbing the couch. The victim attempted to stop the rampage, but instead of calming down, Beasley turned to her and said, “Bitch, I’ll kill you,”  multiple times before walking towards her with the knife above his head. 


Edward Lee Beasley

The victim said while Beasley “went berzerk,” she was able to escape out of the front door and ask neighbors to call the police. 

Once police detained him, Beasley admitted to destroying property but claimed it was his. He also told officers he never threatened the victim and that the knife was too dull even to cut the couches, much less kill anyone. 

Based on interviews with the victim and witnesses, Beasley was placed under arrest and transported to the Broward County Main Jail, where he is currently being held without bond.

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