Coral Springs Man Attacks Girlfriend For Breaking Up with Him

Man Attacks Girlfriend For Breaking Up with Him

Abraham Taylor

By Hank McCoy

A woman called the police on her live-in boyfriend after he allegedly attacked her for breaking up with him.

On Jun 22, Abraham Emmanual Taylor, 32, of Coral Springs, was accused of domestic battery against his girlfriend of six months. His girlfriend claimed she broke up with Taylor and told him he needed to move into the living room of their residence. 

According to the police statement, Taylor became irate and started yelling. His girlfriend went into her daughter’s room to put distance between them; however, Taylor followed her into the room. He grabbed her by her arms, squeezing tightly, then guided her into the living room before pushing her onto the couch.  Taylor then smashed a candle holder in the master bedroom.

The victim texted her friend from work to call the police because she didn’t want Taylor to know the police were on their way.

Coral Springs Police arrived on the scene at 2:31 p.m., and Taylor told them he and his girlfriend were having a conversation and that nothing physical occurred. Once Taylor was placed in handcuffs, however, he claimed his girlfriend attacked him first, and he was forced to push her away.

The victim completed a sworn statement as well as permitted photographs to be taken of her injuries. Due to the injuries on the victim’s arms, her attempt to separate herself from the argument, and Taylor following her into her daughter’s room to initiate violence, Taylor was arrested for domestic battery. 

He was transported to the Coral Springs Police Department for booking before being turned over to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office without incident. 

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