Man Arrested For Domestic Battery Over Missing K-Cups Coffee Pods

domestic battery

Richard Arce

By Ryan Yousefi

A man was charged with domestic battery after assaulting a relative he accused of stealing his coffee pods.

On August 2, the Coral Springs Police Department received at 12:08 pm about an alleged assault. When officers arrived, they encountered the victim seated at his desk.

According to the report, the victim claimed Richard Arce, 52, confronted him over missing Keurig K-cups. The victim denied stealing the K-cups, and the discussion grew heated.

The victim claims Arce became enraged about coffee that was consistently disappearing, and when the victim would not admit to the theft, Arce slapped him in the face.

Pinned between a bed and his desk, the victim reportedly fought back, striking Arce multiple times. The victim stated his actions were in self-defense, and that Arce initiated the altercation.

When pressed, Arce admitted to officers that he was angry at the victim, and did indeed assault him. He alleged, however, that the victim initiated the contact, and not vice-versa.

Officers on the scene observed redness to both the victim and Arces’ face. Neither man accepted medical attention on the scene.

Further investigation and an interview resulted in officers deciding that Arce was the aggressor in the dispute who struck the victim first.

Arce was transported to the Coral Springs Police Department for booking and later transferred to the Broward County main jail.

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