Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student Causes “Physical Confrontation” With Teacher

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. {Photo by Sharon Aron Baron}

By Kevin Deutsch

A student caused a “physical confrontation” with her teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Monday, authorities said.

In an email to parents, MSD Principal Michelle Kefford said the incident happened at the end of the eighth period and “involved a physical confrontation between a student and teacher,” during which “a second student was also struck.”

The teacher involved is Sharon Cutler, an Academy of Finance teacher and DECA Advisor who is also the wife of Parkland Commissioner Ken Cutler.

“Thanks everyone for checking in on me,” Cutler wrote on Facebook. “I am shook up by today’s event, but I will be okay. My administration team was so supportive, I really couldn’t ask any more of them.”

“We are grateful there were no serious injuries,” Kefford wrote in a message to parents. “I want to assure you that we are taking this incident very seriously and working with law enforcement in its investigation of the incident. In addition, the student responsible will face appropriate school disciplinary consequences.”

School security staff and school resource deputies immediately responded to the incident, Kefford said. She asked parents to reach out to the school with any questions or concerns.

The incident is the second physical confrontation between an MSD student and teacher to be reported to authorities in recent weeks.

On Oct. 15, the assistant principal reported to BSO deputies that a student and teacher got involved in a tussling match over school property. The student was suspended and removed from class.

No one was injured in that incident, according to BSO.

Update from BSO here.

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