Music Video Tackles Strong Social Issues Related to Teen Suicide, Gun Violence in Schools

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By: Sharon Aron Baron

Debuting on the unfortunate anniversary of the Columbine shooting, Filmmaker, Sean Patrick Fahey has collaborated with emerging alt-country Singer/Songwriter Keith Carrington, on a VR music video for his soon to be released single “When Will It End.”

“When Will It End” tackles strong social issues related to teen suicide, gun violence in schools, and bullying. The song covers two narratives dealing with strong social issues and tackling a systemic problem facing our country.

According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services statistics, 1 in 3 youth have experienced bullying. The effects of bullying and cyber bullying can be traumatic to youth in our country, many feeling their voice won’t be heard, and that they won’t be free of persecution. Some youth take matters into their own hands and become victims of suicide, or worse, take the lives of others.

While When Will It End covers these social issues, the team hope that the message opens a dialog in our nation to openly discuss the systemic problem of teen suicide, gun violence in schools, and bullying, to raise awareness and give voice to these issues so that one day soon, the youth of America have their voice heard, and feel hope. This can only be done with engagement with the amazing organizations that provide support for youth facing these hard issues.

“Keith’s song inspires deep feelings in anyone who listens. This song is for everyone who feels their voice isn’t heard. We chose to film this video in Virtual Reality because it puts you in the drivers seat. For the type of audience engagement we want for When Will It End, we feel VR gives you the perspective of being there, which sends a powerful message that these social issues effect us all,” says Fahey.

With over 500 teens seeking to audition to be a part of the video, Fahey and his production team, including producer, Dieterich Gray, musician Carrington, and cinematographer Jamieson Mulholland, cast 20 bright talented youth in Los Angeles to be a part of this video. “It was such a challenge. Every teen who applied has a backstory and bullying has effected them all. Every single teen who wanted to be a part of this production, we applaud your courage,” says producer Dieterich Gray.

“We want to inspire a movement and let every teen know, we hear them, and there are many organizations out there who hear them as well. On our landing page we will host the video’s YouTube link, followed by a list of many organizations charged to help youth facing these challenges,” says Singer/Songwriter Keith Carrington. “Are we doing everything we can, to address these hard issues facing the youth of our country, so that no teen feels their only option is to take their own life or the lives of others, and that no teen lives in fear of being bullied and harassed? We owe it to the future leaders of our country to ensure that we are making every effort to ensure that their voice is listened to and acted on,” said Carrington.

“There are organizations that can help, and the most important thing we can do is talk about these issues. If you feel your voice isn’t being heard, please know, we are listening. We are here for you,” said Fahey.



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