Smash Away Your Aggression at New Rage Room in Coral Springs

Rage Room 'Bash It Crazy' Comes To Coral Springs

By Bryan Boggiano

If you’ve ever wanted to smash things with a sledgehammer, now’s your opportunity.

At Bash It Crazy, patrons have the opportunity to go into a room for 20 minutes and smash bottles, furniture, mannequins, dishes, TVs, computers, and more with baseball bats, tire irons, and sledgehammers.

Customers can even choose the music they’d like to destroy things with.

There is also a splatter room, where patrons can paint an entire room and beat drums to splatter paint. The room even glows in the dark.

The company is planning another room for customers to wear inflatable suits and partake in sumo wrestling, but specific details have yet to be announced.

For all activities, Bash It Crazy provides safety equipment such as gloves and helmets and review guidelines to help patrons safely have fun.

According to co-owner Gigi Farina, she got the idea to open a rage room after witnessing her 13-year-old nephew miss in-person school due to COVID.

She said he was frustrated and wanted to hit something, so his family took him to a rage room.

Farina said that her family had such a great time that they went to multiple birthday parties at rage rooms.

Bash It Crazy will be the perfect way to celebrate all occasions, she said. Besides birthday parties, companies can go for employee bonding, wedding parties can go for bachelor or bachelorette parties,  and college students can go for release during exam week.

Even expecting parents can have a gender reveal party there.

Farina hopes the rage room has a broad appeal, considering that many people are going through stress and hard times due to the pandemic.

But, she cautioned that the company does not replace therapy and is not a psychological or medical facility.

Farina said that to an extent, the rage room is fun for the whole family. Children as young as ten can go; however, they will not use glass, and the company will take extra safety precautions.

Bash It Crazy hosts its grand opening on Sunday, Jan. 23, from noon until 7 p.m., at 7901 West Sample Road.

For customers who go to Sunday’s grand opening, the company will offer 10 percent discounts towards their next visit.

Farina said that she hopes customers continue coming back and that Bash It Crazy becomes a staple in the community.

“I’m hoping we have some safe fun,” she said. “I hope it’s not a fad, but something long-lasting.”

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Smash Away Your Aggression at New Rage Room in Coral Springs

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