Recount for Commission Seat Complete: Cimaglia Winner

Melamed at the Supervisor of Elections office on Monday.

Melamed at the Supervisor of Elections office on Monday.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A recount held for the Coral Springs Commission Seat Four to decide the close race between candidates Lou Cimaglia and Howard Melamed left very little changing from election day, and Cimaglia the official winner.

After the recount Cimaglia gained three extra votes to end up at 13,238 and Melamed gained four ending up at 13,134.  A difference of 104 votes.

“I feel phenomenal and fantastic and am ready to go to work,” said Cimaglia.

Lou Cimaglia

Lou Cimaglia

A recount was automatically triggered because the difference between them was half of a percentage point.  The recount, which went on for over six hours on Monday afternoon, was overseen by Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipe, Assistant County Attorney Mark Journey, Broward County Judge Steven DeLuca and Broward County and Judge Guisseppe Miranda. 

Magic Touch

Melamed wasn’t hopeful that the numbers would change by much after the recount.

“It shouldn’t change anything.  It should be the same amount of votes,” said Melamed while waiting at the Supervisor of Elections office. After his loss, last week, Melamed said he had already booked a vacation with his family and grandchildren as well as work related trips.

“My employees feel very relieved that I’m back.  I just booked my trip to Warsaw and London for my business.” 

Dozens of workers stood in place while manually feeding absentee, early, and election day votes through 50 machines.

While the process was going on, it was discovered that many residents left the choice of who would win the commission seat four race blank resulting in no vote at all.

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