Reward Offered for Lauderdale Lakes City Commissioner’s True Residency

A local website is offering a $500 bounty for proof that Lauderdale Lakes City Commisioner Eric Haynes no longer resides within city limits.

Deerfield Beach activist and writer, Chaz Stevens, is offering a $500 reward to find out where Haynes real residency is.  Stevens says on his website that if anyone has incontrovertible evidence showing Haynes’ non-Lauderdale Lakes residency, then that bit of information is worth $500 in cash, paid on the spot,  with their anonymity completely guaranteed.

Haynes, who does not own property in Lauderdale Lakes may be living up in Parkland.

“I’m pretty sure Lauderdale Lakes residents didn’t sign up for having Haynes living in Orlando, Parkland, or for that matter, in a van down by the river. When I get proof, I intend to (a) kick him squarely in the meat and two veg and (b), have his ass thrown from office. “

He has even set up a “Tip-line” email address at  If any Coral Springs residents know, they are encouraged to send a tip!

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