Roach Discovery Triggers Mandatory Follow-Up Inspection After Customer Complaint

oach Discovery Triggers Mandatory Follow-Up Inspection After Customer Complaint

Dyans Country Kitchen in Coral Springs. {Google Maps}

By Ryan Yousefi

Customer complaints led to an inspector’s discovery of food and safety violations at a Coral Springs restaurant, prompting the mandate of necessary follow-up inspections.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation ordered Dyans Country Kitchen, located at 9100 Wiles Road, to undergo a follow-up inspection after a recent inspection that discovered seven violations.

Records of the inspection show health officials witnessed live roaches in the kitchen area and on the floor near the dry storage area adjacent to the walk-in cooler. 

Inspectors noted that the discovery of live roaches indicates a clear issue with pest control that required immediate attention, and the status of the infestation will be closely followed at future follow-up inspections. 

The inspection also found the presence of small flying insects in various parts of the kitchen, food preparation area, food storage area, and bar area. 

Further violations related to food handling and preparation were identified, including employees observed by health officials not properly washing raw fruits and vegetables before preparation. 

The inspection cited an instance where avocados with attached stickers were used for preparation. The report indicates the inspector put a stop to this action, and all stickers were then removed. 

Health inspectors also found examples of food storage that could pose a potential risk for bacterial growth. Employees were requested to transfer the food items to the walk-in freezer for quick chilling. 

The inspection’s findings led health officials to require a follow-up inspection to ensure corrective actions were taken to address the most severe violations.

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Ryan Yousefi

Ryan Yousefi
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