Ten Year-Old Charged with Felony After Burglarizing Neighbor’s Home

policeBy: Sharon Aron Baron

A ten year-old boy has been charged with a felony after stealing items from a neighbor’s home on Tuesday.

Coral Springs Police responded to a residential burglary at the 3000 block of 110 Lane around 8:17 p.m. after a homeowner discovered items missing in the few hours he was gone. 

According to police, Vladimir Vietz left his duplex around 4:30 p.m. and when he returned at 8:00 p.m., he notice that his black IBM ThinkPad laptop valued at $550 was missing from on top of his desk chair.  His sister Anna also noticed her Verizon tablet and a small fan were missing. Both Vladimir and Anna observed that the rear sliding door to the residence was wide open and the back door was slightly ajar.  Vietz said that both were left unlocked when they left the house.

Police canvassed of the area and made contact with a neighbor named Maria who denied seeing or hearing anything suspicious but insisted the officers ask her ten year-old son if he heard anything around the time of the burglary.  After she got her son from inside the house, the child told police he found a laptop in the bushes of the home next door.  He then walked officers to the rear of their residence where the stolen laptop and headphones were observed in the grass just feet from their back patio door.  The child then told police his next door neighbor (a boy), as well as another child (a girl) were with him during the time he stole the laptop.

Detectives arrived to assist in the investigation and read the child his Miranda rights in front of his mother which he understood and waived. 

The child told police he was playing at the rear of victim’s residence with another child when they saw their friend fishing in the canal, also at the rear of the residence.  He said he entered the unlocked back door and proceeded to the front bedroom where he took the laptop and headphones from on top of a desk char.  He then took the property to his house where he told his mother that he found it in the neighbor’s garbage.  He then entered the victim’s residence for a second time and removed a black desk chair and a fan.

His mother then allowed police to enter their home to retrieve the stolen items which were then returned to the property owner.

According to spokesperson Sgt. Carla Kmiotek because of his young age, the child is not in custody.  They will have to face the charge, but they will not head to jail.  “We have probable cause for the person.  It was sent down to the state attorney’s office,” she said.

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