Traditional Recycling May Return to Coral Springs Nov. 1

Traditional Recycling May Return to Coral Springs Nov. 1

By Bryan Boggiano

Recycling could get a second chance at life in Coral Springs.

The city commission will vote Wednesday on whether to approve a recycling services agreement with Waste Management, Inc. that takes effect on Nov. 1. 

In 2018, the city and Waste Management entered a contract to process all residential recycling at the company’s material recovery facility (MRF). 

But, according to city documents, more non-recyclable items ended up in recycling loads, causing contamination, leading to a rejected load and increased processing fees. 

In the new contract, recyclable loads must not contain more than 60 percent contamination. 

On May 6, 2020, the commission suspended the contract, causing recyclables to be transferred to a waste-to-energy facility. Since then, city staff have paid close attention to the recycling market and determined that traditional recycling could thrive under a now-stable market. 

When the city suspended the contract, the value of blended materials processed at MRFs was about  $23/ton. Now it’s $107.37/ton. The new agreement’s processing fee is $120/ton, resulting in a $12.63 loss per ton.

The increase in the value of processed garbage has its roots in economic developments in China, which passed legislation to reduce imported recyclables significantly. The increased price is a result of a correction following a market decline causing domestic markets to compete.

Alongside the contract, city staff will undertake an aggressive “Recycle Right” campaign to educate residents on what can and cannot be recycled. According to city documents, this campaign will include a public awareness program to educate residents on the economic and environmental benefits of recycling, educational materials distributed to each house, and social media outreach. 

The agreement will be valid for two years with a renewal option for two additional one-year terms by written agreement. Three audits will occur on Jan. 1, Mar. 1, and May 1, 2022. Audits will occur in six-month intervals after.

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