Allpets Emporium Opening New Pet Store in Coral Springs

The same company which operates Allfish Emporium in Tamarac and Allpets Emporium in Pembroke Pines, and Davie will be opening a fourth retail store in Coral Springs.

The full-line pet store will become the company’s third location to operate under the brand name ‘Allpets Emporium.’  The 14,500 square-foot facility will carry dog, cat, small animal, reptile, bird, pond and aquatic supplies.  They also also offer customers a variety of other services including grooming, pet vaccinations and aquarium maintenance.

Building on the success of its flagship store, Allfish Emporium, the company’s primary focus is to develop the Allpets Emporium brand.

“In South Florida, Allpets Emporium has set the tone and redefined the big box pet store experience,” said Steve Berlin, Chief Executive Officer of Aquarium Retail Holdings.

“We look forward to serving new customers and their pets in the Coral Springs area, who can expect to find the same professionalism, product diversity and customer service that has been the driving force of our growth and success.”

As its predecessors, the newest location will offer residents of Coral Springs and surrounding cities the opportunity to shop and spoil their pets in a more upscale environment than traditional pet stores.  The store will strongly promote dog food offerings, specifically variety, presentation and premium brands rarely found in big box retailers.

Additionally, servicing the aquarium hobbyist will be emphasized, with the aquatics section occupying almost one-quarter of the location’s square footage.  The store will sell freshwater and marine fish, and include over 10,000 gallons of aquarium exhibits and themed displays.  The focal point of the store will be a one-of-a-kind, six-foot diameter, cylinder aquarium with an African theme, featuring a variety of wildlife indigenous to the lakes of Africa.

The new location will be at Turtle Crossing, located in Coral Springs at the southwest corner of the intersection of US441 and Wiles Road.

Allpets Emporium will co-anchor the plaza with Super Target.  The store’s grand opening is expected early 2013.

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  • Lindsay Carver

    Wanting to work here!! I live super close! I love animals and am very knowledgeable with them!! Please email me:

  • Ira


    Companies around the country use marketing firms from other states because they’re more qualified. This has always been the case.

    This “article” is an example of STUPIDITY!!!

  • John

    7/15/2014 – This location is already closed! After what, 3-4 months in business. Some real boneheads must run the corporate side of this company.

  • Henry

    Since they close down, might as well get your food from in coral springs.

  • Surprised Shopper

    This store is already closed when I need to return a merchandise … how can I be able to return it back ??

  • robertw477

    Very strange they are already closed. There are several pet stores in that immediate area- pet supermarket, petsmart. Very unusual to not make it one year. They must have spent a fortune in build out. They have a store in Tamarac if people need to return stuff.