Commissioner Ritter Proposes Accountable Taxi Ordinance for Lyft and Uber


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter issued a statement on Monday saying she has crafted a proposal that will create a Broward County Accountable Taxi Ordinance.  The proposed ordinance is designed to address the many concerns that have been raised by the taxi industry and Transportation Network Companies over the last several months.

Ritter, whose district covers Coral Springs, Parkland and Tamarac said that the proposed plan includes the creation of a website where taxi passengers would rate their experience in real time or at a later date and be able to access information about the taxi driver using a Q-code that could be scanned using a cell phone.

“The new requirements will provide a simple, high tech way to assure that the taxi industry in Broward County rises to world-class levels and provides our visitors and residents the best in clean competent taxi service,” said Commissioner Ritter.

Transportation Network Companies would have to comply with current county regulations that require licensing, fees for picking up passengers at the airport and seaport and advanced background checks, but the names of drivers would only be made public if they failed to meet security standards.

The proposal also requires the County to provide a $500,000 umbrella  insurance policy that will cover the County’s liability in the event that a TNC driver is involved in an accident or criminal activity while transporting a passenger in a fare producing ride.

“The required insurance will provide a cushion for all residents to guarantee that if the TNC fails to make claims payments as required by Florida law, users of the TNC will have another option for relief,” said Commissioner Ritter.

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  • Barbara

    I think you are missing the point Ms. Ritter. We do not want more regulations and government interference period. Uber was a very easy, inexpensive ride home instead of choosing to drive after the bar. Just imagine how many accidents were prevented just from that one use. Just ask the bartenders around town who used to call taxi’s for customers and watched them continue to drink while they waited sometimes up to an hour for a cab to show up. Sometimes that same customer decides they aren’t going to wait anymore and drive home. Many more uses but this one has actual consequences.

    • Abunchofbullshit

      AMEN Barbara, you hit it on the head. I can almost see the big P carved in her forehead!! PROGRESSIVES AND RINOS, ENOUGH OF THE LAWS, ORDINANCES AND EDICTS and let us go!

  • Whatdafrick

    So wait… Uber already has the drivers covering the expenses and taking the risks typically taken on by taxicab companies. And they have their customers and drivers both pushing their political will where necessary though petition signings, etc. routed through their app. And now – wait for it – a County Commissioner wants to place some of the INSURANCE burden for them on the County? Jesus, GET OFF YOUR KNEES.

  • jhkilroy

    I wonder when the last time Ritter took a cab ? if she has then she would know the disaster of riding in one! Do you know the chances of getting a normal english speaking white dude cabbie is ? answer: NONE. for whatever reason all cabbies these days are Haitian men who BARELY speak English and drive like they’re still in Haiti !