Commissioner Meets With Sports League Parents to Discuss Future City hall


This article has been updated from the original.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Did a Coral Springs commission member tell parents that they may be losing their sports fields to a new city hall creating a wave of panic along with a petition drive?

A November meeting was held with a city commissioner and city staff along with youth league parents about the future of Mullin’s Park and a new city hall. The city commissioners told them, the petition explained, was that a vote would take place on December 17, on a new City Hall complex and that several elected officials have proposed moving the new City Hall to Mullin’s Park next to the Coral Springs Police Department.

“Both Dan Daley and Larry Vignola attended our meeting in November and explained to us what the future plans were, and why they are bringing it to the sports clubs to let us know what was happening,” said Andy Libert, President of the Coral Springs Tackle Football Club (CSTFC). “They didn’t want to see this happening.

Dan Daley told Coral Springs Talk he did not attend this meeting, however, does not support this project.  

Coral Springs Parks and Recreation Director Rick Engle later confirmed that it was only Vice Mayor Larry Vignola who attended the meeting with the parents and told them about the upcoming meeting about a potential vote on the project.  They in turn created a petition which was then emailed out to several thousand parents saying the new location would affect the leagues, “by eliminating at least three Football fields over the three year construction period and permanently eliminating at least one Football field, possibly more.  Of course this negatively impacts the other sports leagues as well.”

However, years ago, the land, which used to be a BMX track, was initially planned for a City Hall. It is not connected to the baseball park and currently sits empty and is used as a grass parking lot for games.

“There is a lady along with the new mayor who says they have no plans to remove a field.  Based on what everyone’s saying, maybe they don’t have any plans, but based on architecture there is no way it’s going to fit on the field,” said Libert.

Libert believes the new city hall should be built on Sample Road because the city already has spent $850,000 on architectural plans for that area and doesn’t want to see it go to waste.

Residents that want to find out more about the Municipal Complex can attend the meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m or stream it online.

“December 17, is an informational meeting, as I understand it, to bring the new city commission up to date,” said newly elected Commissioner Joy Carter. 

“I’m not interested in taking field space away.” 

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  • Jim

    Just because twenty or fifty years ago the original plan was to put it on Coral Springs Drive does not make it a good idea now. No way would this not effect the playing fields at Mullins, areas would have to be fenced off, even if not permanently it would disrupt leagues tremendously and parking is already rough there. We just spent millions on upgrading the park with new buildings and paths. Leave it alone it doesn’t make sense.

  • Evelyn

    With thousands of CSYS, CSFFC and CSTFC families that are voters, the Commissioners need to strongly consider what the next election would look like if they, even temporarily, took away the fields at Mullins Park. Closing the fields for the construction period would take years.
    These fields are more than just ground. These fields are is where our children can improve their health and their ability to work as a team. These fields bring in funding to our city through the registration fees. These fields bring a sense of community through the parents interacting and cheering for their kids. These fields are part of what make the city of Coral Springs like a family.
    Moving the city hall to Coral Springs Drive would be a mistake. Leave city hall in the center of the city on the Sample Road site.

  • Alan

    It looks like the article has already been corrected from its first release but I wanted to make sure it was clear. Larry Vignola attended our December 3rd quarterly Sports Coalition meeting as he usually does. Dan was not there. Larry informed all of the sports league presidents of the current plans to build/develop city hall across from the existing one and the money spend on this effort so far. We were then informed that there is discussion in the commission about changing the location to Mullins Park instead. The plans for this have not been put together yet, however there is the potential to impact several fields. Once you factor in the building(s), the parking, and even retention ponds/areas, they may need to take over one or more fields. Not to mention the construction staging which could impact even more field space over the construction period.

    CSYS did take this possible impact seriously and put together a petition which will be submitted at the Commission meeting this week. To be clear, CSYS does not care where or how much City Hall will be, but what we do care about is field space for the children. So on the chance that this development will impact the fields, the CSYS families wanted to make sure it was clear we do not support any effort that will either short term or long term impact the fields. CSYS is in no way spreading untrue rumors as was implied in an email but rather making sure our families are aware of the potential impact.

    From a direct email quote from Joy Carter, she says, “I have no intentions of taking away from field space”. After this response and others from the commission it sounds like we are all on the same page so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

    I will be at the commission meeting on December 17th to make sure this message is clear from the soccer families and submit the names we collected.

    Alan Hymes
    CSYS President

  • Andy Libert

    Just to clarify I did not attend the sports collation meeting where this was discussed.
    When asked about what was happening I mentioned what I knew as it was explained
    to me. I also I stated I was unsure who actually attended the meeting since I
    was not present but mention people who have attended in to past. I would be
    nice to know all the facts before an article is published. I was under the
    impression that it was a fact finding mission to help the sports clubs and I
    expressed that by going to the meeting on December 17th and we could find out
    exactly what is going on. Since the information has not been validated at this time.
    Attending the meeting would be the correct course of action to find out what’s
    Andy Libert
    CSTFC President

  • Ira

    I can assure you that this Commission won’t do anything to lessen the amount of sports fields in this city for our kids. They might have to remove a Mullins field, replaced with another field elsewhere, but that’s not really a big issue, is it?

    Also, the temporary closing of an additional field or two for a year or two isn’t that big a deal, especially if you’re suggesting we spend $15 million more than necessary just so they go back to this retarded downtown development project that the voters threw Powers to the curb for.

    You love your kids, WE love your kids, but let’s face it:

    Moving one field to elsewhere, and temporarily losing the use of one or two other fields, isn’t exactly a major tragedy!

    • Barb

      I guess you don’t have kids who play sports, because it is a big deal. There are no free fields in fact there is a lack of fields which if they end up moving the charter school will just make it worse. I also guess you didn’t attend or watch the meeting last night. Mullins park is off the table and your number of $15 million was just plucked out of the air. Election is over and the reality is the city hall is a done deal as it was before the election, but was a good sound bite and got him elected The only one who didn’t realize it was the new Mayor and I guess you. Now he has to deal with what the job he wanted is actually like, it involves listening to citizens at meetings without being rude, listening to new regulations for fence heights and colors and how to deal with being told no because he after all is just 1 of 5.

      • IraRat

        Actually, you’re wrong.

        But Merry Christmas anyway!

        And say hi to that loser Homan for me!

        • Barb

          Yeah, not wrong, but if it makes you feel better to say it, feel free.

        • Hillary

          How dare you be so disrespectful and ignorant. You are a ‘professional’ or atleast that’s what you call yourselves. Don’t ever, ever use the word retarded to describe something that isn’t smart… You’re a grown up writing an article for the public and commenting on behalf of the website. Sharon may be a bimbo but have some respect for yourself and others. And calling Homan a loser just proves how much of a child you are. Seems like everyone at Coral Springs Talk are all delusional and ignorant.