Char-Hut in Coral Springs: It’s About Damn Time!


By: Dan I. Cook

Growing up in Oakland Park, there were your basic fast food joints like BK, Mickey D’s, and Wendy’s. But we all knew that if you wanted a solid burger and had a little extra coin in your pocket, you went to Char-Hut or Jacks Old Fashion Hamburgers.

Back when I was single and successful I lived right behind the Char-Hut on Commercial Boulevard. It was a free-standing building and I was spoiled to have this so close to my love shack. I was horrified to learn they were closing and the whole building was being demolished. To this day I never found out what happened, but I was real sad.

So, I’m glad to report that they just opened a new Char-Hut in the strip center almost exactly where that old building was located. Hooray!

When I heard that Char-Hut was opening in Coral Springs I was overwhelmed with joy. I posted updates on Yelp and kept driving by….driving by….and freaking driving by.

WTF? When was this thing going to open?

Finally it opened during the week of December 8th. Hallelujah!

This new modern interior is not like the old Chart-Huts from the past and even includes a Coke Freestyle machine.

This new modern interior is not like the old Char-Huts from the past and even includes a Coke Freestyle machine.

Is this Char-Hut?

The restaurant is located in a strip center anchored by a Publix. All of the Char-Huts I’ve eaten at have been freestanding buildings. This one wasn’t.

I walked in today and thought: “This don’t look like Char-Hut. Where are the yellow painted walls, the accents of green, and 1980’s looking tables and booths?”

It looked like I walked into a BurgerFi.

This joint is real modern with flat screen TVs, slate walls, nice tiled floors, and craft beer on tap. As I walked up to order, the cooking line was still set up like the Char-Hut that I’ve known to love. The smell of the meat cooking on the grill in front of me calmed my nerves – that I was indeed standing in a Char-Hut.

Order Up!

Pick your toppings from their large selection.

Pick your toppings from their large selection.

I got the Double Char burger with double cheese on a wheat bun, a Big Dog Hot Dog, Frings (combo of fries/onion rings), Chicken Fingers with Fries. All to go. I shuffled down the line and watched them cooked my food to order. This is the part I love, telling them what I want on my cheese burger.

“I’ll have some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, and hot relish, please.”

Watching them dress this thing of beauty made my mouth water. I just wanted to reach over the glass and start eating that thing now. Keeping my emotions in check, they wrapped up my food and I was out.

Taste Test

I took a huge bite of my Char Cheese Burger, and damn if it wasn’t fantastic. Nice grilled flavor and the fresh condiments made this cheese burger taste way better than any fast food joint. The Frings were fried perfect and were not oily at all. I did notice that when I added some malt vinegar, the paper lining that the Frings rested on kinda disintegrated. I was getting pieces of that paper as I was grabbing these babies. They may need to get some old school wax paper or something.  

Overall, everyone in my family enjoyed their food.


This place should do well. You could see that the staff was still in training mode. The flow of the service line was not as smooth as it should be and that’s normal. The decor is outstanding and I’m glad the owners are rebranding this franchise to where it should be. I love that they have craft beer, but where is the Miller Lite or Bud Light? You need a good easy drinking Pilsner when you eat a burger or hot dog. Not a Funky Buddha Floridian. Please don’t put lipstick on a pig, keep it real.

Also folks remember this food is not cheap. Dont think you’re going to walk in and find prices like you see at BK. This joint is several notches above in quality and quantity, thus you pay for it. I’m a big fan of this franchise and I’ll be a regular customer for sure.


Three Beers! Remember to tell them Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you and Stay Hungry!

Char-Hut is located at the Publix shopping center on W Sample Rd just west of 441/ State Rd 7.

6268 W Sample Rd
Ste 408
Coral Springs, FL 33067

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