Coral Springs Pizza Poll Results Are In: Judging Held on March 14


By: Dan I. Cook

Last week we took a poll on who has the best cheese pizza in Coral Springs.  Well, now the poll is closed and the people have spoken: Pasquale’s Pizza & Subs beat out 18 other pizza restaurants that our readers nominated. Coming in at second and third place were Pepperoni Grill and Pizza Time Italian Restaurant.

We received approximately 1,704 votes. Our poll was designed to lock out voters IP address after one vote. Pasquale’s received 414 votes, Pepperoni Grill received 259 votes, and Pizza Time received 229 votes. Congratulations to all three restaurants!

It’s not over yet.

On March 14, approximately 20 or more judges will hit all three locations and rate the pizza. This will be completed in one day. The restaurant with the highest rating will be named Coral Springs Talk Best Pizza. 

On behalf of Coral Springs Talk I want to thank everyone who participated in the poll. 

Lastly, I am very proud to say that this group of traveling Pizza Judges will be receiving no discounts or anything for free. It’s a great feeling to be able to eat at these restaurants knowing that we are bringing them business. In the long run, all three of these businesses will be winners when we show up and spend our money for their food and service. I’m proud that “we” as a community are setting a new precedent  on how to stimulate business in “our” community.  Want to be a pizza judge and have no ties to any of the restaurants?  Contact CST here.

Stay Hungry! 

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