Gas Station Employee to Customer: “You Guys are Killers and Your Money Isn’t Welcome Here”


UPDATE:  This location is owned by J & L Services Of Florida, Inc. also called “On the Move Texaco.” and the incident was by an employee, not the corporate owner.  The owner of this location is Jewish and told us “that behavior is totally intolerable,” and wants the exact time and date of the allegations by the victim so that he can handle accordingly.  Stay tuned for updates as this is an ongoing story.


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A woman who frequented a Coral Springs gas station is no longer welcome to go anymore because she is an Israeli.

Originally from Tel Aviv, the woman who has been a resident of the city for 15 years, told the story along with her son-in-law who did not want their name disclosed. She frequently bought gas and cigarettes at the Shell Station at 4600 North University Drive for years, and believed the employee knew that she was Israeli because she would speak Hebrew occasionally while on her phone.

Last week, and the final time she would visit, he told her, “You guys are killers and your money is not welcome here.”

She was shocked and left the store. Her family knew this employee of the Shell station was Palestinian, but that was never a problem before.

Another resident who is friends with the family and initially contacted Coral Springs Talk, also didn’t want his name used because of of possible retribution said, “These are sick people.”

He said he had just learned about it the other day. After hearing it, he couldn’t get it out of his mind. “I need to hear this. I live in North Springs. I go there frequently and go through the car wash, and I’ll never go there again. This is disgusting.”

We reached out to Shell’s corporate offices in Houston and spoke to Communications Manager Pam Rosen who said she took allegations of discrimination seriously.

“Shell does not condone the type of behavior alleged to have occurred and expected that third parties selling Shell-branded motor fuels to treat every customer in a fair and inclusive manner.”

They have alerted the Retail Area Manager to have him notify the independent wholesaler that operates and supplies that location for further information and action.

About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Toast Points

    Won’t be stopping at this Shell for sure. Sicko-sucko way to do business in America..

    • Until you stop patronizing the store, wait for their corporate offices to handle this as it was one employee, not them.

  • Emma

    This is one of the great things about USA. Its a free country people! The owner has type he right to serve whomever he wants. Now its up to you to shop there or not. Choose wisely.

    • Alexandra

      Don’t be an idiot! I’m sure if somebody said something discriminatory to you, you wouldn’t find the grace to recognize you live in a “free country.”
      Let’s start by asking you how you feel about me calling you an idiot.

    • Vickie

      The worker can say his opinion in the privacy of his own home or publicly on the street, but you are the stupid one if you accept this ignorance at a gas station where people of all faiths buy the gas.

      • truth

        Apparently not. Donald Sferling said some awful racist things in the privacy of his own home and look what thappned. Whereas, Bishop Tutu, Louis Farrakhan (alleged MEN of GOD!) and others in the public eye have said many anti-semitic things as pat of public speeches and interviews with absolutely no repercussions (and hardly a mention). Being supposedly religious leaders, they should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. WORSE than a double standard, out and out hypocrisy.

        • Stevie Nichts

          Any reason that you neglected to mention the many anti-semitic utterings of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who are also “alleged MEN of GOD!” ?

    • DaveG

      Probably best, Emma, to have all the facts and maybe a bit of knowledge of the law, before exposing us to the power of your intellect.

    • Zombyz1

      When you operate a business that is part of a franchise, there are specific rules you must adhere to. I’m am pretty certain that calling your customers murders and telling them that their money is no longer welcome at your business is probably in the top 10 list of things the franchise does not allow. Just like you’re saying he has the right as the owner to refuse service, the corporate franchise has the right to take away his right to sell as part of their franchise.

      • David

        I have several employees and I know them pretty I believe in free speech and all but turning business away is not something we would do

    • Rudi Stettner

      If I am operating a franchise, I also have the right to boot out anyone who brings his own agenda to work.

    • TOMD


    • Springsman

      You, ma’am, are an idiot

    • V

      He is not the owner of Shell, he is merely a franchise owner. As a franchise owner, you have to comply with certain company rules; for example: don’t be a f*ckin’ d*ck to your customers. If you don’t comply with these rules, then Shell will most definitely revoke your franchise agreement, which is what will hopefully happen to this man.

    • Dan Bahr

      So I guess you think it would be ok for stores that only sell to Jews and stores that only sell to Arabs and stores that only sell to pro life people and stores that only sell to pro choice people and stores that only sell to whites and stores that only sell to blacks, etc etc etc. That would truly be Unamerican.

    • Livia Shelford

      @ Emma – You’re right a great, free country, and now the Jewish owner of this gas station is free to fire this bigoted employee’s ass, and blackball him with fellow station owners. Ahhh, America!

    • Frank

      Tell that to the baker who refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding. Tell that to the couple who refused to rent their barn to a same sex wedding. Don’t these people have the right to serve whoever they want. Obviously not. They were sued and had to take classes,

      • ValerieP0472

        Yeah, that’s discrimination and not allowed in our county

    • MarkM

      Nope, not true. Just ask the baker and wedding photographer who didn’t want to take part in a same-sex union ceremony. Both of them are now being required to undergo “re-education”. I wonder, if this woman went to court against the station, if she’d be afforded the same “justice” as the same sex couples?

  • anonymous

    This owners of this gas station are actually Jewish, so this person was clearly misled. It is terrible that someone would say these things, and the owners are trying to get to the bottom of this.

    • We have corrected the story, and appreciate your post. The victim insisted it was an owner however, we have changed that. We appreciate your corporation getting to the bottom of this, however, we stand by their story as they are credible citizens here in our community.

  • Bob

    I live not too far but I would be happy to go park my car at the pump and window shop their selection of items for a few hours. Please put the address up. I think i have the right to window shop.

    • Caesan Bloodyrose Avidium

      Tell them! We can’t allow this or we will wind up like France.

  • Dave

    Please provide me with the telephone number and e-mail address for The corporate Shell representative you spoke with so I can contact them and share this information with the 16 pro Israeli Facebook pages and organizations I am active with. I expect we could voice our opinion as we have the right to do as well. If we don’t share this with people, who will? NEVER AGAIN

    • Dave, this could be the result of one employee gone wrong. Their corporate office is getting to the bottom of this.

  • Israel supporter

    I hopefully can assume you all meant EX employee. I would like to see the firing via video but confirmation of their firing would be a good start.

    • truth

      I prefer death. Since that’s what he accused them of they might as well make his dreams come true.

  • Habibi

    Stop supporting this gas station payments maid at this gas station gos to fund rockets and terrorist……

    • kb6kgx

      Hardly. The caption to the photo states “The owner of this location is Jewish”, so I would not think he would siphon of money to send to the “enemy”.

      • Resist_We_Much_10

        The employer allowed a satanic “Palestinian” to work at their store. Jewish or not: Tolerance of Shari’ah is a war crime.

  • truth

    The arabs are the killers, not the Israelis.

    • realtruth

      They’re both killers.

  • Caesan Bloodyrose Avidium

    This needs to be stopped NOW or it will only progress to violence like in France!!! Is that what we want? It’s going to get real ugly! Who’s doing what about this?

  • Rudi Stettner

    A lot of people will also take their “unwelcome” money elsewhere.

  • Carol Proffetta

    I will call corporate office and cancel my shell card..30 plus years member..if this is not resolved please keep us posted..

  • Maly

    People we need to learn from here ! We not tolerate accusations like that for nobody Any employer.even for a non Jewish is so embarrassing and we must report every incident of racism who is affecting our society. The war in Israel is in Israel. We can’t accused every Muslim guy because the iraqi genocide righ? We Christian community and Jews we will fight against this can a type of incidents. If someone doesn’t know what to do and is a victim of racism call the police make a bigggg drama scream cry don’t let this people against their victims.

    • RMMCabinets

      Hello Maly, I am sorry to tell you but the war in Israel is affecting the entire world. There is no such thing as “regular/secular muslims”. 99% believe in Hamas, ISIS and Al Qaeda. This is why Islam should be banned. Islam is NOT a religion in my opinion. Islam is an ideology of terror. The world needs to wake up and ban this practice before it’s too late.

      • I love me some religious freedom!

        How about we just go and ban all religions? I’d be up for that.

  • RMMCabinets

    This gas station just lost another customer.

  • ReneeJ

    They should call the ADL office in Boca to report it…

  • Spirit of ’76

    People should picket outside the station with signs that read, “The owners of this station support terrorism and the murder of innocents. They practice religious discrimination. Do not patronize them.”

  • Livia Shelford

    Just goes to show you how truly dumb these people are: the owner of the business is Jewish. You think the owner is going to take kindly to an employee who a) turns customers away; b) is an anti-Semite; c) brings unwanted negative publicity to the business. I guess this employee doesn’t need this job or a reference.

    • ValerieP0472

      But does the owner know what his employees are doing at all times? Something to think about.

  • Root cause of all this? Anyone? Anyone?

  • Well … when you think about it … the Israelis are killers. Case in point, the hundreds of innocent little children killed … aka those four little boys playing soccer on that beach aka practicing to be human shields.

  • Faith

    I donot think that its true story. May be someone thought muslim man at coral springs store. First they try to tell muslim owner . After they found owner is jewish. so they change its employee. Truth is no body work there who is muslim . Sharon Aron Baron or may be her friend had problem with their car wash. They had problem with one of Indian employee. they thought that the employee is muslim or middel east person. I am going to that store for long time. They respect everybody. I talk to them about this incident but fact . Sharon Aron Baron was trying to make false story. Owner told that he want the time & date. So he can take care but she could not provide. Sharon Aron Baron was that store today too .

    • Ira

      Can you try that again in English this time?

  • Corrighteousumility

    I am not going to tolerate any of this crap in my country. We are not in Afghanistan! We are not in Iraq! It’s bad enough what’s going on in Gaza, the West Bank and everywhere else the Middle East. This is America and I for one will not stand for any one bringing their stupid beliefs of hatred, intolerance and judgment here. If this man does not want to serve Israelis then let him go back (no…EXILE HIM to his country! America could be beautiful again if we could get rid of everyone who thinks and behaves like he does. Disgusting.
    When America lovingly opened its doors to other nations and welcomed other ethnicities to come and enjoy the fruit of our land, we did not mean you could come and try to change it into your damned and godforsaken land and culture. We simply welcome you here and gave you the freedom to be yourself. Not the freedom to try and make others like you or tear down others who aren’t like you.

  • jhkilroy

    the ‘ employee ‘ said this ? if so how does that represent the owners ? if the owners said this then people can vote with their wallets….. I guess this Shell station supported the beheading of a US citizen as well …. religion of peace … ya right ….

  • Bonnie K.

    On Monday, September 8, the Blacks are having “Black Out Monday” boycotting all white stores in honor of Michael Brown. You can find this all over the Internet including on FB. They are organizing that only Black business owners will be patronized that day–including restaurants because it will make an impact on finances around the country. Maybe we need a “Jew Out Monday” to send Shell a message. For me personally, it will be a “Jew Out of Shell Forever” event unless this franchise is closed down.

  • eric1210

    Ladies and gentlemen – Muslim Middle Eastern education now found throughout America. Enjoy!

  • Jay

    I would like to make an official statement on these allegations. I am the owner of the Shell gas station and I am Jewish as well. I have lived in the Parkland/Coral Springs area for over 20 years and have 2 daughters that were raised in the community. I would never make any comments towards any customer, let alone any Jewish customer. I also have a zero tolerance policy on any discrimination from any of my employees. Once I was made aware of the allegations, I immediately asked the editor for more specific information on the date and time of the incident, and up to now have still not gotten that information so that I can deal with the incident appropriately. Also, the article originally had the owner making the comment to the customer, as the customer said they knew the owner, which was a totally false statement. Once I find out all the facts, I will act accordingly and immediately terminate the employee that made those comments and advise of the findings. Thank you.

    • ValerieP0472

      You need to fire the employee!!!!!!

      • Just My Opinion

        That’s what terminate means.

  • Liberalsaretheproblem

    I don’t think its surprising at all actually. Coral Springs… full of Jews (yes I AM one). And OVERFLOWING with LIBERAL Jews (no I am NOT one) who only want to sing Kumbaya and hold hands and say nicey, nicey with the people who have sworn to destroy the USA, Israel, the Jews, etc..
    Bottom line… until pansy liberals get their heads out of their a$$es and realize that unfortunately the world just ‘aint that nice a place, and you cant vote for people based on dope, or gay marriage or any other nonsensical social issue that isn’t going to do jack $hit when you have to glass an entire country.
    So, really its too bad a story… but you know what.. you all deserve it… Broward elections look like a “who’s who” of apologist, liberal, politically correct idiots who couldn’t legislate themselves out of a paper bag and certainly not protect the interests of Americans or Israelis.
    And the Coral Springs Jews will fall all over themselves to vote for them again and again, as we will see just a couple of months away… Just shameful…. American and Israeli Soldiers really die so that the American Jew can vote for Barack Obama and his ilk……. Just mind blowing.

    • Ira

      Liberal Jews support discrimination? Especially discrimination of Jews?

      What are you smoking?