Poll: Your Turn to Vote for the Best Burger in Coral Springs

Photo by:  Valentyn Volkov

Photo by: Valentyn Volkov

By: Dan I. Cook

So the nominations are in for the Best Burger Contest and I was pretty impressed with our Facebook fans’ selections. Besides Char-Hut, I’ve never had a burger at any of these other joints. 

How this will work:

The poll will be posted for a week. The top three will be visited by me, my editor Sharon, and a couple of volunteers from the blog. These volunteers will be selected by us. In order to be considered, you must tell us what makes you qualified to be a burger judge. Also for you cheapskates out there, you have to bring your own money to buy the burgers. We will hit all three places in a row. The scoring will be simple: presentation,  juiciness, and overall flavor. Easy, right? Good!

So start voting, and in due time we’ll really see who has the best burger in Coral Springs.

Stay Hungry! 

Pick the restaurant that serves up your favorite burger here


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  • Frank the Tank

    JD’s Big Boy. Hands down the best.

  • Dan I Cook

    Too late to nominate anyone

  • Dan I Cook

    By the way, the judges will order the BEST Burger the restaurant has to offer on their current menu. We will pay for our own burgers and no free food or drinks will be accepted.

  • Daryl Gold

    Jack’s wins for the entire world!

  • Dan I Cook

    Dan Cook Our panel of judges are coming together, so far we have:
    Ron Malanowski
    Carole Wright Wooley
    Gregory- Senior Class President of Coral Springs Charter
    Darren- Senior Class President of Coral Springs High
    Adam Baron
    When the poll ends, we will advise the date/times we will hit reach location. Not only are we going to find out who has the best burger, we are also going to help stimulate the economy in our hometown!