6 Coral Springs Businesses Recognized With Excellence Awards

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By Bryan Boggiano

The Coral Springs City Commission recognized the Business Excellence Awards winners at their Wednesday meeting. 

According to a city document, the city’s economic development office recognizes the significance of local businesses for their economic and job growth contributions to Coral Springs with the business excellence award. 

Any business located in Coral Springs is eligible for the business excellence awards. 

“The winning businesses have shown tremendous ingenuity, resilience, and devotion to the community, especially given the challenges of the past two years,” said Kristi Bartlett, director of economic development, in a press release.

2022 Large Company Award

The award for a company with 50 or more employees went to Decimal Engineering, located at 4300 Coral Ridge Drive.

The second-generation, family-owned company opened in 1998 and employs 135 people. The company produced manufactured goods and metal components for hospitals and other facilities during the pandemic.

2022 Small Business Award

Rite Way Auto Transport, located at 3917 NW 126 Ave.,  received the award recognizing companies with 49 or fewer employees.

The 42-person company focuses on transportation and logistics and has been in Coral Springs since 2010. They developed new software, Load Genie, to connect clients and carriers.

2022 Heart of the Community Award

Coral Springs Medical and Dental received the Heart of the Community Award. This category recognizes businesses that give back to the community through service and philanthropy.

The company, located at 2029 N. University Drive, which employs 30 people, has been in Coral Springs since Jan. 2021 and has a space where senior residents can exercise, meet and communicate.

2022 Company to Watch Award

Casa Decor and More, located at 9821 W. Sample Road, received the award given to businesses that have been open for less than five years.

Mary Villalobos, Kayla Kaydas, and Melissa Sousa opened the company in March 2021, which sells home decor, crafts, and customized furniture.

Casa Decor offers workshops and consigns and wholesales with local artists and vendors to sell their products.

“The store is very whimsical,” said Commissioner Joy Carter. “They have gifts with quotes and sayings on them that resonate with you.”

2022 Legacy Award

Body and Soul Wellness and Retreat, located at 953 N. University Drive, received the award given to companies that have been open for longer than 20 years.

Originally opening in 2001, the company now has 32 employees whom they call “soulmates.” They also provide the community’s youth, veterans, police, and fire personnel with free yoga and other wellness initiatives.

2022 Commissioners Award

JBI Development, Inc., located at 4228 N.W. 120th Ave., was awarded the commissioners’ award to companies that show growth, positive corporate culture, and community engagement.

The 20-person company, founded in 1998, focuses on industrial development operations.

“These companies are representative of the kind of role models in our community that give back…and encourage connectedness and success for other local businesses,” said Mayor Scott Brook.

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6 Coral Springs Businesses Recognized With Excellence Awards

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