Second Coral Springs Resident Alleges Animal Abuse by Mobile Groomer


By Bryan Boggiano

A pet grooming company faces additional accusations of animal abuse after a second Coral Springs resident comes forward.

This is the second allegation against the grooming company from Sunrise after Dquaan Charles accused the company of allegedly fatally injuring his puppy, Karma. 

Lisette Siple booked a grooming appointment with MaryEli’s Lovely Pets for her 9-year-old Pomeranian, Sasha, on February 23.  About 15 minutes later, the groomer brought Sasha to the door, crying in pain.

“I have used them for three years, and I used to get a little bad haircut or something sometimes,” she said. “Hair grows back. I never had an incident.”

She could not walk on her right hind leg and had blood on the right side of her mouth.

Siple rushed over to Coral Springs Animal Hospital, where x-rays revealed Sasha had a dislocated hip. According to a letter to her attorney, the company offered to pay the cost of the x-ray.

After leaving the hospital, she rushed over to MaryEli’s Lovely Pets attempted to speak to an owner, according to a letter to Siple’s attorney. 

That is when she reports, tensions rose. The business owner allegedly did not want to speak to her and threatened to call 911 on Siple. The groomer also reportedly argued with Siple. At the same time, Siple was on the phone with 911 dispatch, who told her to wait outside of the store.

When Sunrise Police arrived, they instructed Siple to report the incident to Coral Springs Police. In the report, the groomer states that the dog was in pain when the appointment started, which Siple denies. 

According to the report, the medical costs came out to about $1,000, which the grooming company allegedly would not pay in full. Additionally, Siple claims that the groomer told police that Sasha did not bite her, but six days later, Siple reported the groomer changed her story after speaking to animal control.

Sasha had surgery on her hip on February 26. Since then, Siple walks Sasha on a leash in her yard as physical therapy. She says Sasha is “90 percent better,” but she still suffers from anxiety since the incident. 

Sasha used to enjoy car rides to the beach, but now, Siple says she cries when she gets in the car. If Siple runs an errand, she watches the cameras in her house and sees Sasha whimpering. 

“If you open a pet store, animals should be your passion. You should have the passion to love animals,” Siple said. 

Manager Vanessa Vargas refuted Siple’s claims. According to Vargas, the groomer told Siple that Sasha was in pain and whimpering due to a hurt paw. 

 “[Siple] was very insistent on continuing service even though the dog was suffering in the van,” Vargas said.

When Siple went to the store, Vargas claimed that she allegedly started arguing hysterically with an employee and groomer, and the employee threatened to call the cops. 


Lisette Siple and her dog Sasha.

Vargas claims the store did not reach out to Siple after the incident, citing her alleged conduct. She also said the store did not cover much of Sasha’s medical bills because doctors performed procedures that did not pertain to Sasha’s injuries. They typically pay for half of all medical expenses.

Siple claims they paid her nothing and were being dishonest. She filed a lawsuit alleging animal abuse, which is the third against MaryEli’s since October 2020. One alleged heat injuries, the other a fractured leg due to being dropped. 

The grooming company operates multiple vans, including Cinderella’s Mobile Pet Grooming, Princess Pet Grooming, Isabella’s Pet Spa, Mia and Nala Pet Grooming, and Tiger’s Pet Grooming.

“This has to stop,” Siple said. “This is not acceptable.”

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