Assistant Principal Says Story of Girl’s Attack “Holds No Water”

Marc Sheltra and his daughter Stephanie

Marc Sheltra and his daughter Stephanie

This is an ongoing story and may be updated.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The assistant Principal of Coral Springs High School wants to set the record straight about the student who was attacked by another student last Thursday.

“The damage has been done on a story that holds no water,” said Assistant Principal Michael Marhefka. “No one has any evidence, knowledge, witness, not even the young lady herself  [knows] as to how this happened.”

“There were probably six different staff members that spent time with her [Stephanie] immediately after the incident, myself included, and other than her having some red eyeballs from crying, I saw nothing wrong with her.”

Stephanie's injuries after the attack at Coral Springs High School

Stephanie’s injuries after the attack at Coral Springs High School

Marhefka said she gave a statement to the School Resource Officer and never once mentioned that she was attacked or injured.  The one teacher that spoke to her immediately, after the fight, asked her if she was okay, and she never made any mention of it.

Her father Marc Sheltra disagrees and said they had a witness. Stephanie’s friend who we won’t name here, accompanied her to the ROTC area when he picked her up that afternoon and she said she saw it all, but she didn’t know who it was. Sheltra gave her name as a witness to the SRO. “While he was looking at my daughter’s face which was starting to show the damage,  he said, ‘I didn’t see any of that and I didn’t know,’  and I said, ‘well you didn’t ask.’”

Marhefka said he’s not sure who this person is and on the video that he viewed, insists there’s no evidence of anything. 

“I’m not saying she wasn’t injured, but was she injured on our campus during that incident? I don’t have any proof or evidence of that. Nobody does.  Nobody seems to have anything.”

He said the SRO is diligently working right now and is speaking to a lot of people. 

Bruise on arm after attack.

Bruise on arm after attack.

Coral Springs Police Captain McKeone agrees with this statement as well. “They have no evidence this girl was attacked at the school. We’re not saying anything didn’t happen.  She’s saying she was attacked.”  He said that the SRO looked her over and did not see these injuries on her after she was attacked. 

Marhefka isn’t denying that this didn’t happen on the campus, “I’m not denying it, I’m just saying there’s no evidence proving it did or didn’t.”  He said she spent time with her, the SRO, the security specialist, two teachers, two other assistant principals and all of those people saw nothing visibly wrong with her and she did not report that she was attacked. 

Sheltra disagreed. “She was in shock, She just saw her best friend pummeled and her mind was on her friend.”

Marhefka said the school wasn’t aware she was injured until the father brought it to their attention the next day. “Whatever happened to her is awful,” he said. “But at the same time I don’t know when and where that happened and nobody seems to know.”

Marhefka said that the boy that attacked the other student on the video was arrested and recommended for expulsion to the school board.

Stephanie was admitted into the hospital on Sunday night due to vision problems and headaches and is on pain medication as well as observation.  She said she had difficulty writing her version of events on the statements that they made her fill out as she was shaking so much and doesn’t recall what she wrote at the time.

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