Between the Sweets Breaks New Gluttonous Ground

Yum Yum Nachos at Between the Sheets

Yum Yum Nachos at Between the Sweets

By: Stevette Hay

Between the Sweets is Coral Springs new dinner and dessert restaurant which breaks new gluttonous ground with a variety of sweet and savory combinations to sate your wildest cravings. 

Sun Dried Tomato MB Burger

Sun Dried Tomato MB Burger

Peruse the “Savory” menu and you’ll find items like pepper poppers, uncommon nachos, salads, waffle ironed grilled cheeses, a creative list of chicken and waffles, ribs, wings, and owner and chef Adam Siegel’s version of a burger. Flip over to the “Sweet” side and acquaint yourself with what I consider to be the best dessert menu in town. BTS serves decadent dips like Caramel Apple, Bananas Foster, and S’mores (yes, I said S’mores.) They offer a crave-inducing selection of homemade cakes and pies, cookies, bars, dessert waffles, bruléed banana splits, a sundae for each day of the week, and a rotating menu of outstanding ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. 

Decked out with red leather banquettes, reclaimed wood, framed caricatures and smiling faces, BTS’s fun spunky vibe is BIG on flavor and generous with their portions. 

Oriental Salad

Oriental Salad

I began my gluttonous journey with a Red Head Sangria Spritzer and the Yum Yum Nachos. Homemade potato chips get topped with melt in your mouth short rib shreds, peppadew peppers and a drizzle of yum yum sauce. Even though I knew there was more food to come, I could not stop eating this umami-rich appetizer.  My second course was the Oriental Salad.  Crispy rice noodles, shredded carrots, and mandarin oranges rest over a bed of greens that were tossed in a sweet and tangy Chinese vinaigrette.  I’ll be honest, Asian-style salads are not my usual thing, but I really enjoyed this refreshing dish. 

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Next on the list was a signature item; BTS Baby Back Ribs.  Chef Siegel gives these baby backs the wing treatment by cooking the ribs in the fryer and tossing them in a homemade BBQ sauce.  The interplay between the savory interior and sweet crunchy exterior was very different compared to any rib I’ve ever tasted.  I washed these addictive bones down with a McKenzie’s Green Apple Hard Cider.  The tangy cider paired well with Adam’s sweet and smoky sauce.  If you’re a wing fan, give ‘em a try and let me know what you think. 

Burger buffs, brace yourselves – Chef Siegel has created a funky flavor-bomb in 9 varieties.  A meatball comprised of brisket, ground chuck, short ribs, and pork gets loaded on to a soft bun and topped with several different concoctions.  I opted for the Sun Dried Tomato MB Burger which comes with melted fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomato aioli, crispy bacon, avocado, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato.  Thank God I brought a friend because when this monster hit the table I knew I couldn’t tackle it alone.  I will definitely be back to try another rendition of the MB Burger.

Chicken bacon avocado ranch waffle

Chicken bacon avocado ranch waffle

Adam brought out the next savory dish and yet again, my jaw hit the table. Holy Chicken and Waffles!  Between the Sweets revamps this soul food staple by offering uncommon flavors like Thai Asian, Buffalo Chicken and Bleu Cheese, Turkey Dinner with Stuffing, and more. I sampled their cheddar cheese infused waffle topped with cooked to order succulent chicken tenders, crisp bacon, avocado and creamy ranch dressing.  After tasting this dish I realized that these chicken tenders would be fantastic on top of that Oriental Salad and I pleased to see that you could add them for a mere $4.

Desperately wanting to wave my white flag, I noticed yet another dish heading my way.  This time it was a waffle ironed Fig Bacon Jam and Brie grilled cheese.  Wow, was this rich.  I loved the fact that they pressed it in a waffle iron because it made it easy to tear this sandwich in fours.  It was a perfect marriage of savory and sweet and when pairing it with their crunchy and NOT GREASY onion rings, you really can’t go wrong. 

S'more Dip

S’mores Dip

I decided to end my diet-breaking dinner with a fruit beer and of course, something sweet.  I opted for the S’mores Dip.  Come on, how can you go wrong with smears of torched marshmallow and silky chocolate slathered over graham crackers? Served in a piping hot skillet, this quintessential bonfire treat is a must try.  Obviously, I couldn’t try everything I wanted in one visit.  Maybe next time I’ll go against what my mom always said and have dessert first.  No matter how I do it, one thing is for sure, I will definitely be back. 

Do yourself a favor, bring a date and head over to Between the Sweets to order a few of Adam Siegel’s creative dishes.  In fact, bring several people so that you can share a few different things.

Between the Sweets

1840 N. University Drive
Coral Springs, FL  33071
(Where Smashburger used to be)
Mon – Thur & Sun:  11:30-10pm
Fri – Sat:  11:30-12am

Vantasure Realty
Blue Stream