Broward Political Gossip of the Week – Can You Guess Who They Are?

Broward Political Gossip of the Week - Can You Guess Who They Are?

By Sharon Aron Baron

Can you guess the local public figures?

Those political “Meet & Greets” are great if you can get people to show up and donate money, however, it’s almost like preaching to the choir when the same old people are showing up to show their support.

Well, Chappy Davidson isn’t wasting his time sitting in restaurants with his band of supporters.  While other candidates have been sipping wine and making speeches, Chappy has been walking the streets of Broward day after day meeting his constituents in every neighborhood in his part of Broward County.   Chappy even braves rain storms to talk to neighbors at their homes.   Not only did Chappy get all the certified petitions he needed, he’s gotten a following of new voters and has the healthiest body of any Broward candidate!


Morticia is totally innocent of all charges, she says, and incompetent to stand trial as well.  But if you need to sell your home, I will promise you that all that incompetence stuff will not apply.  She’s a pro in that area.


Last week I told you that Billy Bucks, host of the barely listened to morning money program makes money by cyber-squatting on domain names.  Well, a local candidate needed her very own name for her new campaign that Billy stole, I mean squat. Billy offered it to her for $5,000!   Extortion I say!  The candidate did the smart thing and said, “No thanks!”   She made up a variation of her name and did just fine without Billy’s “offer”.


Lucky Louie is a long shot for the School Board race.  Literally legal just last year, Lucky is having his long-anticipated “Meet and Greet” at the local ice cream parlor, unlike the others that have them in local lounges.  Maybe lucky doesn’t want the younger voters to be left out?


Broward’s Brett Breck seems to be losing followers. According to my source, the right-winged leader is rubbing so many the wrong way they recused themselves from the Republican Ball.  The Ball was so disorganized that the program began and the speaker took to the stage before the invocation or the colors were even presented.


This former disgraced commissioner Sammy Schlemiel got into a stinky mess almost a decade ago when he was busted for his involvement in a multimillion-dollar kickback trash scheme where he and his family would benefit.

Silly Sammy didn’t think anyone would catch on, but savvy residents knew what was up.  Sammy suddenly decided he was going to become the pious Jew and get close to God around sentencing time.  Sammy went to jail and back all within a matter of a couple of months, lost his license to practice law, and still puts on the pious act all while telling racy jokes and spreading right-wing conspiracies on his Facebook page.

“Hey Sammy, wearing a Kippah is supposed to remind you that God is always watching, not that you’re immune from acting like an as**hole!”


Broward Candidate Stacy Teachy has a unique way to drum up interest in her Facebook page.  Check it out and you may become her “Fan of the Week.”  She gets an A-plus in originality there.

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