Cerra, Daley and Polsky Fend off Election Challengers; Turtle Run Has Shakeup

Commissioner Cerra, State Representative Daley Fend off Election Challengers; Turtle Run Has Shakeup

Commissioner Shawn Cerra, State Representative Dan Daley, and State Senator Tina Polsky.

By Bryan Boggiano

The results are in, and incumbents in the Coral Springs-area elections largely weathered well against their competition.

City Commission, Seat 2

Incumbent Commissioner Shawn Cerra and School Board Member Daniel Foganholi vied for the only competitive seat on the city commission.

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Cerra is projected to win the election to a second term on the commission.

As of 10:50 p.m., he received 20,431 votes or about 61.04 percent. Foganholi received 13,039 votes or about 38.96 percent.

Mayor Scott Brook and Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons ran unopposed and won by default.

Through Oct. 31, Cerra’s campaign raised $45,080.72, while Foganholi’s campaign raised $16,693.84.

Cerra won a special election to the city commission in 2019 to fill the seat left by Dan Daley, who resigned after winning the election to State House District 97.

Ron DeSantis appointed Foganholi to the Broward County School Board in April. The appointment came after School Board Member Rosalind Osgood vacated the seat to run successfully for State Senate District 33. He was sworn in on May 3.

Florida House of Representatives District 96

Incumbent State Representative Dan Daley faced financial controller Jenna Hague.

Daley is projected to defeat Hague with 32,326 votes, or 61.26 percent. Hague received 20,439 votes or 38.74 percent.

Daley was elected to the Coral Springs City Commission in 2012. He held his seat until 2019 when he won a special election to State House District 97.

After redistricting, this district is the 96th and includes parts of Coral Springs, Tamarac, and Sunrise.

He had 13 bills passed during his tenure and helped bring $3 million to his district for various projects related to initiatives ranging from school safety and infrastructure to community programming.

Daley believes that this legislation and the funding that came from it made Florida better and safer. In his first term, he worked to pass Alyssa’s Law, which requires that all schools have a panic alarm.

He also worked on the Parents Need to Know Act, which requires districts to notify parents of a threat or situation on campus within 24 to 48 hours.

Hague had not run for office before 2022, but she emphasized the importance of education reform, school and societal safety, transparency, and reforming Florida’s insurance industry as key issues to her campaign.

Florida Senate District 30

Incumbent State Senator Tina Polsky defeated Republican challenger William Reicherter.

As of 9:50 p.m., Polsky received 89,282 votes or 55.5 percent. Reicherter had 71,705 votes or 44.5 percent.

Polsky was elected to State House District 81 in 2018. In 2020, she ran for State Senate District 29, her seat prior to redistricting. During her time in the Senate, she cosponsored legislation pertaining to screening newborns for hearing conditions and safeguarding retirement accounts.

Turtle Run Community Development District Seat 1 and Seat 3

The 2022 Turtle Run election occurred amidst the backdrop of controversy and legal accusations.

For Seat 1, challenger James “Rob” Shipe defeated incumbent Chris Kapish. Shipe received 579 votes or about 54.83 percent. Kapish received 477 votes or about 45.17 percent.

Kapish served on the board for roughly 20 years and was chairman until 2021.

Seat 3 Incumbent Zaida Karnegis defeated challenger Patricia Morgan. Karnegis received 602 votes or about 59.55 percent. Morgan received 409 votes or about 40.45 percent.

Kapish originally appointed Karnegis in 2016, and the board reappointed her in 2018. For Karnegis, this is her first electoral victory.

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