City of Coral Springs Debunks Common Myth About Cable and Internet Providers

City of Coral Springs Debunks Common Myth About Cable and Internet Providers 

By: Bryan Boggiano

A diverse array of internet and cable service providers can be found in Coral Springs, but a common myth is the city allows only two, Bluestream and AT&T. 

Resident Sam Poulos is getting two different stories. Comcast, the parent company of Xfinity, told him the city’s restrictions do not let other internet and cable providers in.  The city told him it’s because Comcast will not run the lines. 

“I don’t want a song and dance from our leaders,” he wrote on Facebook, “I want to know the truth.” 

Poulos isn’t the only resident with this concern. In November, Sandra Hernandez wrote, “I wish Comcast was allowed to service Coral Springs.”

There is also a Facebook group to end what some residents say is a monopoly on service providers. With 145 members, Blue Stream Sucks the old Advanced Cable Communications of Coral Springs, seeks to “elect a politician that will allow companies like Comcast to come and supply reliable service.”

Coral Springs spokesperson Lynne Martzall said Bluestream and AT&T have infrastructure built in the city; however, Comcast only has their infrastructure in the Corporate Park.

We cannot surmise why residents hold a specific belief, but when a service provider indicates they are unable to service the area, a resident may be under the impression it is the fault of the city,” she said. “That is untrue.”

While the Xfinity services businesses and some homes in the city, there are homes located too far from the existing network, said Cynthia Arco with Comcast Florida Region.

“Our approach is to continue to review any potential service areas and look for ways to expand our network and bring Xfinity services to more people,” she said.

Data from shows residential properties in Coral Springs have at least three provider options available. Some neighborhoods have five options, including Brookside, Mariner’s Cove, The Isles, The Springs, and Cypress Run north of Lakeview Drive. 

AT&T Internet, HughesNet, Viasat, and Bluestream are available to over 90 percent of residents. Xfinity has about 25 percent availability, while AT&T Fiber is about 30 percent, and Hotwire Communications just over one percent. 

Martzall said the city has no franchise agreement with any cable provider. For any internet or cable company to operate in the city, they would need to apply for a permit through the building department. Upon approval, they would refer them to the engineering department. This would give residents more options for providers.

“The city recognizes the importance of expansive and reliable cable and internet access for residents and businesses,” she said. “We welcome service providers to submit permits and plans to develop their infrastructure in the city.”

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