Coral Springs Chamber President: ‘Adversity Doesn’t Develop Character, it Reveals it’

Chamber President Cindy Brief

Chamber President Cindy Brief

A message from the President of the Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber:

I have never witnessed so many unprecedented worldwide challenges occurring simultaneously. We have been struggling to keep our families safe, get our businesses back open, and to survive in what is being called “the new normal.”

I am still raw from witnessing the blatant murder of George Floyd; it is simply incomprehensible to so many of us. It is so painful on so levels, and it is hard to even imagine that this violence against African Americans is happening in 2020.

Throughout my life, I have prided myself on being open-minded, accepting, and being a supporter of diversity and inclusion. However, what I didn’t know was there were so many things that I didn’t know!

By listening to the voices of protesters, TV commentators, and my African American friends, I realized I truly did not know what it feels like to be an African American. Even if you empathize with a race, religion, or cause, one can never truly understand what it feels like to walk in the shoes of a person of color.

I have established long term relationships with many of the police officers in both Coral Springs and Coconut Creek, including Chief Clyde Parry and Chief Butch Arenal. There are so many outstanding men and women from the police department, and we must recognize that we remember this as we delve into changing the future.

As the CEO of the Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber, I want to make it clear that this organization respects diversity and inclusion, and we denounce inequities and any form of discrimination and violence.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.” It is my pledge to you that we will work with our members and partners to ensure that we live up to the Chamber’s core values, which include integrity, advocacy, diversity and inclusion, and leadership.

Cindy Brief

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