Coral Springs Charter School Welcomes Incoming 6th-Graders with Virtual Orientation

Coral Springs Charter School

By Ryan Yousefi

With the status of in-person classes still up in the air, Coral Springs Charter School is planning to welcome its newest students virtually.

On August 12 and August 13, Coral Springs Charter will welcome incoming 6th-grade students via virtual orientation events. During the orientation sessions, attendees will be primed for what to expect at their new school, even as the location of where their classes will take place remains their computers due to COVID-19.

“Our incoming 6th-grade orientation is going to include a taped school tour led by our high school SGA officers which will specify where to go and who to see for specific things (new ID badges, clinic, dean’s office, etc.), and how to get there from the 6th-grade wing,” Coral Springs Charter Student Government Advisor Kendal Ohl said.

The virtual orientation will include break out rooms where the students will get to learn school chants, alma mater, fun facts about Coral Springs Charter, acquire information on technology etiquette, as well as learning the dos and don’ts of the schools’ uniform policy.

To create a more intimate environment where the students get to ask questions and interact with each other, Coral Springs Charter School created the six virtual orientation sessions that will be spread out over two days.

The sessions will be a little over an hour each on August 12 and 13 at 3:30 pm, 5 pm, and 6:30 pm each day.

While the status of in-person classes remains a mystery, Coral Springs Charter says they are attempting to keep orientation as standard as possible. That means many of the activities that take place during the orientation will, essentially, be identical to that of which would have taken place on campus.

“The orientation will be held over Zoom so that we can break out into smaller groups and interact with each other the way we normally would during our traditional on-campus orientation,” Ohl said.
As currently planned, Ohl said the main objective for the school is to keep the orientation process as normal as possible.

For students that aren’t familiar with distance learning, instructions for the new remote learning set up will be sent by school officials before the first day of classes.

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