Coral Springs Family Finds Frolicking Otters in Backyard

Otter in Wendy and Greg Heidkamp’s Coral Springs Backyard. Photo by Wendy Heidkamp

A Coral Springs family has front row seats to their very own otter pond right in their back yard.

Wendy and Greg Heidkamp and their two daughters have lived in Ramblewood for 14 years. They have around 10 otters that love to hang out in the canal behind their home. One of them is so playful, he comes up on the grass and plays with their neighbor’s dog.

“My neighbor’s dog, a little Boston Bull Terrier, jumps in the canal and plays with him.  The otter waits for him every day right behind my fence,” said Wendy.

Willow, the Boston Terrier belonging to Aaron Lorber tries to get the otter to come out and play – Photo by Aaron Lorber

Wendy and Greg have three dogs of their own and said they get very excited when they see the otters.

“The other day the otter caught a huge fish and was eating it just by the fence to taunt my dogs just a little more,” Wendy laughed.

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Animal Control Officials warned people to stay away from otters after they attacked people in three separate incidents in Palm Beach County in 2010.

Usually otters do not attack people unless it is a mother protecting her babies, or the animal has rabies.

Wendy, who works as a Pharmacist has called Coral Springs home her whole life and Greg, owner of Greg’s Aggressive Pest Solutions has lived here for 25 years.

“We love our property and neighborhood,” said Wendy. “Sometimes we canoe in the canal too and see all kinds of wildlife.”

She recently attended the 911 Ceremony here in the city to honor her stepsister Michelle Herman-Goldstein, who was killed in the World Trade Center.

“I truly love all the things Coral Springs does for me and my family and how comfortable I am living here,” said Wendy. “I am definitely a proud resident of Coral Springs.”

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