Whispering Woods Man Sodomizes, Then Kills Dog

In what could be the sickest, most heinous crime, a Coral Springs man is charged after police said he had sex with the family dog and then killed it.

Michael Haimes, 29, was charged on two counts Tuesday at his home in Whispering Woods on the 5300 block of East Leitner Drive in Coral Springs, said police.

Haimes Residence in Whispering Woods

On Tuesday, police were at the scene of Haimes home due to a “Mental Illness” call when they observed the odor of decomposition.

An officer discovered a leash during a search of the nearby wooded area south of the house.  Upon further inspection, he discovered a blue retractable leash and the body of a white furry animal which he identified as a dog.

Haimes, unemployed, and living in the area for 23 years was interviewed and admitted that he had sodomized the dog. Upon discovering it bleeding afterwards was fearful he would get caught so he then took the dog outside where he repeatedly stabbed it, cut its throat and threw it in the bushes, according to the police affidavit.

Broward County Judge John Hurley set Haimes bond at $100,000 and ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, wear an ankle monitor and not have contact with animals.

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