Coral Springs Man Arrested for Violently Beating Dog

Coral Springs Man Arrested for Violently Beating Dog

As punishment for chewing his girlfriend’s shoes, a Coral Springs man beat his dog so violently, that his neighbors contacted police.
Andre Ayala, 20, was arrested in the 2900 block of Forest Hills Boulevard on Friday when it was reported by a neighbor that they heard the sounds of screaming and someone beating a dog for approximately 10 minutes.

Officers spotted the suspect walking a German Shepard mix-breed dog named Tyga who appeared to be injured and walking with a limp. Officers asked the suspect why his dog was limping, “Because I beat him,” he said.

When the suspect, Andre Ayala, attempted to walk the dog back up to his apartment because of his injuries, the dog was only able to walk up one flight of stairs, which required Ayala to carry Tyga back up to the third floor.

The officer asked Ayla why the dog had so much trouble walking up the stairs, at which time Ayala told them, “I beat his ass today.”

When asked why the dog was hit, Ayala stated he was chewing up his girlfriend’s shoes.

When the Officers made contact with the dog, he appeared to have an injury to his ribs in addition to his injured right leg.

Humane Officer Cornett arrived on the scene and advised them that Tyga needed to be transported to an animal hospital for evaluation. Ayala voluntarily turned over custody to Cornett, who then transported Tyga to Coral Springs Pet Resort and Medical Center.

Ayala was then detained and was advised of his rights, at which time the suspect stated that he struck the dog five to six times very hard with an open hand to the dogs rear end.

He was placed under arrest and later released to BSO.

Report information from:  Officers Horne, Faiola, and Cornett.



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