Coral Springs Man Found Dead in Mullins Park


By: Sharon Aron Baron

The witness first discovered the man was not moving after noticing his car was stuck on top of a barbecue grill with the wheels still spinning and the engine revving. 

Around 7:00 p.m  on Sunday, Manuel Velez, 80, was found lying on the ground in the north parking lot of Mullins Park.  His head had a large laceration, and scuff marks were found on his arms and head.  His shoes were lying on the ground beside him along with two silver wrenches, a broken watch and a broken pair of eye glasses.  There was also a pool of blood on the ground beside his head.

Witnesses first noticed that his white Nissan Altima, about 100 yards away, was stuck on top of a public barbecue grill and was loudly running with the wheels still spinning.  Another witness noticed that no one was in the car. He reached inside, placed the car in park, and turned the keys to the off position.  When he walked to where the victim was lying, he noticed that he was not moving and called emergency services.

Coral Springs Police arrived first on the scene and checked for a pulse. Finding none, they pronounced the scene as an unattended death. 

“We believe he was possibly working on the car,” said Sergeant Carla Kmiotek. “He could have been doing something like revving the engine, because the car was found with the engine still revving in drive – but the trees stopped that.”

At this time, there are no witnesses to determine exactly what happened at the scene, and the official cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s office.

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