Coral Springs Museum of Art Showcases New Exhibits at Artist Reception

Brett LaGrow, Christian Fenek and Julie Andrews (Executive Director for the Coral Springs Museum of Art)

By: Sharon Aron Baron

This year, the Coral Springs Museum of Art welcomed over 300 South Florida art enthusiasts to the Museum to unveil their new exhibits and to speak with charcoal artist Virginia Fifield and caricaturist Alisa Grodsky, all while enjoying complimentary refreshments.

Virginia Fifield’s work aims to initiate a re-vision, a deeper contemplation and internal dialogue about the natural world and the relationship in which we coexist while Alisa Grodsky’s exhibition tells the story of her life as a professional artist and her unique ability to articulate a message.  In her words, this exhibit is about, “My life as an Artist, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

The exhibit will be on display at the Coral Springs Museum of Art through May 20. The Coral Springs Museum of Art is located at 2855 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065.

Jota Leal (Internationally Acclaimed Caricaturist) and Alisa Grodsky (Showcasing Artist)

Olga Cartaya and Jeff Rusnak

mr pool

Jota Leal, Donald McGregor and Bobbie Deryke

Janet & Rick Schwartz

Ronit Lapid, Sherrie McGregor and Angelika Duffy

Alisa Grodsky (Showcasing Artist), Natalia Durbin and Liliana Durbin

Virginia Grundy and Wally Fry

Andy Lester and Sophia Lester

Ann Schwartz and Eileen Worst

Herman Slutsky, Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, Nicole Kopolovits, Roberta Kopolovits and Jeffrey Kopolovits

Gabrielle Gundy-Lester, Milan Homan, Elyssa Levinsky and Laurette Homan

Photos contributed by the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

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