Coral Springs Police Arrest Woman for Robbery after Snatching Cellphone from Victim


Alexis Levels

By Hank McCoy

A woman was arrested for robbery after stealing a cellphone from her brother’s girlfriend.

On August 5, at approximately 9:46 p.m., Coral Springs Police was called to the scene of a robbery.

According to the report, Alexis Levels, 20, of North Lauderdale, was riding the backseat of a car when they picked up the ex-girlfriend of her brother, Markise Hampton. 

The purpose of the trip was to allegedly get an iPhone back that Hampton bought his girlfriend, but wanted back after they had broken up.

When the ex-girlfriend got into the passenger seat, she didn’t realize Hampton’s sister, Levels, was in the backseat. The driver, Emily Smith, headed westbound on NW 40 Court towards Riverside Drive when the victim asked the driver who was in the backseat.  Smith claimed it was her cousin. 

While the three were on the road, Levels pulled down her hoodie and said, “Hoe, you know who this is,” before allegedly snatching the cellphone out of the victim’s hand. 

When Smith pulled into the Wawa gas station at 7305 West Sample Road, The victim told them she wanted to go home, so Smith drove her back to her residence.

When they arrived, the victim informed her mother about the situation, who went outside and attempted to get the cellphone back from Levels. As the mother opened the passenger door, Smith and Levels drove off.  It was at this time the mother called CSPD.

When officers arrived on the scene, they contacted Levels, who informed them she would return to the scene with the phone in question; however, she never showed up.

The victim told police the cellphone was a gift; however, after they broke up, Hampton asked for the phone back. The approximate value of the phone was $1,000.

On August 7, Levels was taken into custody without incident in North Lauderdale and arrested for robbery.

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