Coral Springs Police Holding Pedestrian and Bicycle education Campaign

Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay

By: Sharon Aron Baron

To ensure the safety of not only pedestrians but drivers as well, Coral Springs Police will be assigning officers to educate both on the importance of following the rules of the road.

From October 4 through December 31, officers will be providing warnings as well as educational information during their contact with citizens. This current phase will provide warnings in addition to the educational information provided during citizen contacts.

This high visibility education and enforcement campaign will be conducted in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation’s “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” campaign.

Chris Swinson, spokesperson for CSPD, said their most important pedestrians and bicyclists are children and this program is in place to make sure that their safety is ensured as they travel to and from school.

He strongly encourages the use of designated crosswalks as they not only are designed to maximize the safety of our pedestrians but are in place to prevent interaction with vehicular traffic.

This initiative will be followed up with additional dates for enforcement and may result in citations to pedestrians and bicyclist who violate traffic laws.

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