Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club Discusses US Relations with Israel with Activist Jack Lieberman

By Sharon Aron Baron

On Thursday, the Coral Springs/Parkland Democratic Club invited speaker Jack Lieberman to discuss the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian Resolution this spring.

Jack Lieberman has been activist working for peace and justice in the Middle East for over 40 years. He is a former President of the SE Region of The American Jewish Congress and a National Board Member and Co-Chair of the South Florida Chapter of Americans For Peace Now. He is currently on the Steering Committee of South Florida J Street, and for the past eight years, Jack has served as the Co-Chair of JADA, The South Florida Jewish Arab Dialogue Association.

He spoke about Obama’s strong support of Israel and disputed the myth that Jews are now becoming Republicans.  I asked him a few questions about this after the meeting, and here is what he said:

Why do you believe many Jewish Americans who were staunch Democrats are now Republican?

“This is a myth promoted by a small community sector that uses its wealth and organizational power to project itself as speaking in the name of the community. If you look at the statistics, a higher percentage of Jews voted for Obama, 78%, than McGovern in 1972, 65%  or Carter in ether 1976, 71% or 1980, 65%. Most Jews continue to be liberals and Democrats because it is in our interest to be so as a historically persecuted minority.”

 Why do people believe that Obama isn’t a strong supporter of Israel?

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 “Obama has opposed the Israeli settlements and done all in his power to promote Israeli Palestinian negotiations, and for that reason, he is hated by the Israeli right. They also are now very angry that he supports sanctions over a military assault on Iran, and they have gone on a vicious campaign in the Jewish community to slander Obama as anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.”

 Do you believe that Benjamin Netanyahu is supportive of the job that President Obama is doing and wants to see him re-elected in 2012?

 “No, for the reasons stated above.”


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