Couple Bullied By Meanest Neighbor in Coral Springs Needs Your Help

Website where the Banzin’s are soliciting donations to buy a clunker car


Paul A Dematteis of the Glen Walk Development in Coral Springs may be Coral Springs’ worst neighbor.

Coral Springs residents Andrea and Matthew Banzin live in the Glen Walk development and have been harassed by neighbor Paul Dematteis who intentionally parks his car in front of their home.  They were featured on “Help Me Howard” and I wrote about them on Coral Springs Talk.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that the city or their HOA can do.

Several people suggested that they purchase a third vehicle and park it in front of his house so he would have to go to the post office to pick up his mail just like he is making them do.  The couple has a new baby and many expenses, so they set up a donation page to help them raise enough money to purchase a street legal vehicle.

Dematteis home courtesy of

“We live in a development in Coral Springs Florida and have been having issues with a neighbor for almost 2 years now. Our story was featured on a local news station in hopes of someone being able to help us solve the problem legally- see attached video for the complete story.

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Unfortunately no laws are being broken so there is nothing that can be done to make our neighbors stop parking in front of our house/mailbox. ” Andrew and Matthew Banzin.

If you would like to donate,  please go to

Watch the video here.

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