After Fleeing Scene Using Stolen Credit Card, Manhunt Leads To Multiple Charges

 wayne Campbell After Fleeing Scene, Manhunt Leads To Arrest of Man Using Stolen Credit Card

Wayne Campbell

By Isaac Ray

After attempting to use a stolen credit card to pay for a car repair bill, a Hollywood man was arrested for grand theft, fraud,  illegal possession of a firearm, and resisting arrest after a wild foot chase led to his capture. 

On February 8, Coral Springs Police responded to a call at the Tire Kingdom, located at 8181 Wiles Road, after a victim advised them she received a text message indicating her credit card was charged for $1,545.

According to the report, the victim had possession of her credit card at the time, so the suspect who made the purchase had only acquired the numbers and did not use her physical card. 

Tire Kingdom staff provided officers with a description of the customers, a black female and a black male, which did not match the victim’s identity. They were also able to tell CSPD the man, later identified as Wayne Campbell, 35, had used a Bank of America card for the purchase, which was not the bank behind the credit card the victim had reportedly stolen.

Although Campbell had used a fake credit card, he confirmed the last four digits of the victims’ card at the time of purchase. Campbell and an unidentified woman then left a phone number for the Tire Kingdom to call when the repairs were complete.

After summoning the vehicle owner, Campbell returned to the Tire Kingdom as officers waited to arrest him. As their car pulled up to the store, officers activated the lights on their patrol cars, prompting Campbell to emerge from the driver’s seat of the car and flee the scene on foot.

Campbell was last seen traveling northbound when officers lost sight of him.

While a search for Campbell ensued, officers, who stayed with the vehicle he had fled, reported he left behind three children and the female owner of the vehicle. They searched the car and found a firearm with a full magazine and a bullet in the chamber on the floor. The vehicle owner also had an additional, legally obtained, licensed handgun in her purse. 

In addition to the firearms, officers found multiple fake credit cards and a Bluetooth skimmer placed on the point of sale areas, such as gas pumps, to steal credit card information. One of the credit cards found matched the card the victim reported stolen and that Campbell used at Tire Kingdom. 

After a brief K-9 search, an officer located Campbell near the 4500 block of 85th Avenue; however, after refusing demands to stop, he jumped over a wall and headed northbound. Officers were eventually able to capture him near the 8400 block of 46th Drive.

Campbell was placed under arrest, transported to Broward Health Coral Springs for medical treatment, then later transported to the Broward County Main Jail. 

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