Does Coral Springs Offer Stroller Parking?

Photo by Ana Lara

Photo by Ana Lara

By: Sharon Aron Baron

When a mom runs a simple errand with a baby, it can be a major undertaking requiring great planning and even greater coordination just to get the baby to and from the car. 

After finding a parking space, it’s not as easy as getting out of a car, locking the doors and leaving.  There’s a whole procedure requiring taking a stroller out the trunk, unbuckling the baby from the carseat, and putting them safely into the stroller all while making sure they don’t leave anything behind like their diaper bag – which must be fully organized with bottles, diapers and all the essential gear, including their own items. This doesn’t even include if there is more than one child along for the ride.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a designated parking space for moms and dads who have to go through this hassle?  Something a little closer?

One of our readers sent us a photo of a designated parking space just for mom’s at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Coral Springs and asked how she would go about getting a parking permit to use one of these handy spots. 

We wondered too and asked Deputy City Manager Jennifer Bramley who confirmed with Development Services that the City did not have a provision for stroller parking in the code. 

What this means is that anyone can park in the spots whether or not they have a permit because they are not enforceable.  But hopefully, they will be left open to families who do need them.

Unfortunately, BJ’s put the signs up by mistake and Bramley said that they will be contacting the store about it.  No word yet if they will be taken down.

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