Domestic Dispute Escalates into High-Speed Chase, Multi-Vehicle Crash with Serious Injuries

Domestic Dispute Escalates into High-Speed Chase, Multi-Vehicle Crash, with Serious Injuries

Jackson Eustache {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A domestic dispute escalated into a high-speed chase and a multi-vehicle crash, leaving two victims with serious injuries and a man behind bars. 

On October 24, the Coral Springs Police Department responded to the scene of an accident near the intersection of North University Drive and West Sample Road, involving severe injuries. According to the report, leading to the accident was Jackson Eustache, 52, of Oakland Park, who has since been accused of aggravated domestic stalking, domestic battery, and tampering. 

Earlier that evening, the ex-wife of Eustache, who was involved in the car accident, and her co-worker encountered him as they exited their workplace.

According to the victim, a heated altercation ensued, leading to events that stretched across multiple cities, beginning near Broward Boulevard and University Drive before eventually ending in Coral Springs. 

As the ex-wife tried to leave the parking lot, she told officers Eustache approached her co-worker and verbally threatened him, believing him to be romantically involved with her. According to the co-worker’s statement, Eustache reached for a bulge on his hip while threatening to stab him. Eustache also allegedly attempted to drag his ex-wife into his vehicle but was unsuccessful.

According to the restaurant’s staff, it is common practice for co-workers to walk each other to their vehicles at night.

The situation escalated further when Eustache stole his ex-wife’s cell phone while she attempted to call for law enforcement assistance. According to the report, as she tried to escape in her vehicle, Eustache got inside his vehicle and pursued her, following her at high rates of speed that an investigation showed spanned approximately 11.7 miles.

A 911 audio recording captured the ex-wife’s desperate plea for help in which she says she was in fear for her life. The recording abruptly ended with the sounds of a vehicle horn and screeching tires, a sound that was later found to be the moment of the devastating collision.

It was later discovered during an investigation that the victim was at fault for the three-car accident. Still, her actions resulted from fleeing Eustache, who was driving behind her dangerously. 

Both victims — Eustache’s ex-wife and an unidentified third unrelated victim — sustained significant injuries and were transported to local hospitals by the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department.

Coral Springs Police, in collaboration with the Plantation Police Department, investigated the incident and took Eustache into custody, where he confessed to becoming emotionally charged due to his wife’s alleged infidelity and his belief that she was involved with the co-worker he confronted.

Eustache also admitted to forcefully grabbing and threatening both victims at the scene.

Following interviews and a preliminary investigation, he was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and later released after posting an $11,000 bond.

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